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Right now, kids in preschool and elementary school are likely starting off their school year with some self exploration activities. We have been working on several at home with our toddler. Today, I want to share an activity geared towards children from ages five to seven. My toddler did the activity so I could share it with you all and although she did enjoy it, she didn’t get as much out of it as an early elementary school aged child would.

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Materials Needed

  • Two Pieces of Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Scrap Paper, white board, card stock, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Magazine Clippings (I used food, material items, and words)

Start by drawing a M and an E on one of the pieces of construction paper. Next, give it to your child to cut it out. If you do want to do this activity with a toddler, you’ll probably need to do the cutting.

After that, have your child pick out magazine clippings that they think represents them. If the child can not read yet, read them the words that they have to choose from.

Once both letters are covered in magazine clippings, have your child glue the letters onto the other piece of construction paper.

Finally, write down “All About” on a piece of scrap paper, card stock, white board, or really anywhere that your child can see it. Let them copy it down onto their collage. If you are doing this activity with a toddler, write it down for them. If you are a teacher doing this activity with a class, you can extend the activity by letting the children speak one at a time about what items and words they used in this activity.

Book Recommendations

If you want to pair this activity with a book, we have a few suggestions!

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9 thoughts on “All About Me Activity

  1. Such a fun idea! I remember doing something like this in elementary school. My boys have had to bring in a paper bag to school with their 3 items that represent them, but this would be a great way to display it.

  2. You’re saying you’re not crafty i disagree! I super love what you’ve created, it is very creative. Well done crafty mom…

  3. I love your book recommendations to do with it! I love crafts like this, because it’s always interesting to see how people view themselves.

  4. Crafty activities like that are rejuvenating and refreshing. You do a great job sharing this experience.

  5. What a cool activity and a great way to get our kids thinking about their lives and interests. You both created a masterpiece.

  6. Omg how cute is this?!! Definitely an activity I need to do with my daughter. I bet she would have a blast picking out random cutouts!!!

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