How to Help Your Child Overcome a Fear of the School Bus

While we officially have just over a month left of summer, most schools in our area start at some point next week. This is a hectic time for many families. It might also be a stressful time for some children who are anxious about riding the school bus. Today, we want to share a few craft and book suggestions to help children overcome their fear of the school bus.

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This paper plate craft incorporates painting, cutting, and matching!

Photo Credit: Honey & Lime

This easy shape school bus is made with paper and is simple enough to fit into a hectic day!

Photo Credit: Look! We’re Learning


I’d love to hear from you! How are you getting ready for the start of a new school year? Are your children anxious, excited, or a mix of both?

9 responses to “How to Help Your Child Overcome a Fear of the School Bus”

  1. My boys have been in school for a week now here! We don’t have bus service because we live too close to the elementary school and my youngest is in private preschool. But these are some great ways to get them excited for the bus.

  2. What a cute back-to-school craft idea! One of our girls is SO excited to get back on the bus next week – the other starts private school the week after, and there is a bus but we still haven’t sorted out the details so will have to drive her at first…

  3. These are so helpful! I never rode the bus growing up but I imagine it could be super overwhelming

  4. Such a nice idea! very creative to help a child overcome a fear! This is a nice way to overcome it

  5. My son isn’t afraid of the school bus, but I love the idea of using a craft to explore other things he fears.

    1. A craft and a book can go a long way towards helping young children explore their fears and anxieties.

  6. What a great guide with some fab advice. I have never heard of this fear before, but I can only imagine how upsetting it could be x

  7. Oooo so many great ideas!!! My daughter has always been fascinated with buses thank goodness!!! I know most kids are definitely not sure of them though

    1. My toddler likes to watch them go down the street, but she hasn’t ever been on one. When I worked in a classroom setting, the idea of riding the bus was pretty scary to a lot of little ones.

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