Toddler Diaper Bag Must Haves

When we were preparing for our daughter to join our family, we put a lot of research into finding a diaper bag that would be functional and durable. We ended up with several that all have their unique uses. However, our sweet girl has quickly grown into a very active toddler. As children grow, the things you need to pack in their diaper bag changes. Today, we want to talk about a few things we consider essential in every toddler’s diaper bag.

Diapers or Underwear

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It is pretty obvious that you should pack diapers in your diaper bag, but even if your toddler is potty trained, never leave the house without an extra pair or two of underwear! Also, do not be tempted to leave the house with only a few diapers even if you think your toddler won’t need more than one diaper change. Toddlers can be just as unpredictable as infants when it comes to their potty habits!

Baby Wipes

Do not take the wipes out of your diaper bag once your child is potty trained. They will still come in handy!

Two Changes of Clothes

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We never leave the house without two extra outfits. One is not always enough.


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When my daughter was younger, we’d always have a little baggy of Gerber Puffs or Cheerios. Now that she is a bit older, it is still important to pack snacks. We now usually select pretzels or cheese crackers. You never know when a toddler will decide that they need something to eat immediately.

A Bib

Our little one does not usually wear bibs at home anymore, but packing one in her diaper bag helps us cut down on outfit changes while we are in public.

A Book

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There are two reasons that we like to bring at least one book in our daughter’s diaper bag. First of all, having easy access to books in early childhood helps encourage early reading and language skills. Secondly, our toddler gets bored very easily and we like to help her stay entertained without technology.

A Spare Sippy Cup

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This is a recent addition to our diaper bag. Our toddler has now broken two sippy cups while we were out in public. If one falls on the floor at just the right angle, it is done for. To avoid last minute trips to Target or Walmart, we have started packing an extra cup.

Hand Sanitizer

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We are not overly afraid of germs, but we feel like with as much as our toddler touches in public, clean hands are a must. Since soap isn’t always an option, we like to carry hand sanitizer.

We hope you find our list useful! We would love to hear from you! What are your diaper bag must haves? How much has your must have list changed as your child grows?

14 responses to “Toddler Diaper Bag Must Haves”

  1. I am so glad my kids are old enough that I don’t need to bring much. But, I do keep a change of clothes for ALL of us in the truck, along with a few other staples. When we travel, I always have baby wipes, they are just so handy even with elementary-aged kids!

  2. I have a toddler and this is what I usually have in the bag. Along with some Hot Wheels, a few stuffed animals, and various other toys. Lol.

  3. Very handy… thanks for your tips! My friend just had her first baby & she appreciates as much advice as she can get.

  4. I feel like the older my child gets the less I need. Now Im about to add another babe to it!

    1. We won’t be adding any more children to our family, but I am getting a niece that will be almost exactly 3 years younger than my daughter, so I’m sure when we all go away together we may try to get away with stuffing everything in just one bag.

  5. I haven’t yet came to that level but I’m sure it’s stressful and taking care of that save a lot of troubles. My mom always get extra outfit just in case when we get out or something. Though, we wont be adding a new baby.

  6. I always love packing all the snacks in my diaper bag. Just when you think they’re full and you won’t be gone long- they want snacks.

    1. My daughter needs a snack anytime food is mentioned in any context, so having something packed comes in handy.

  7. I carry many of these in our backpacks for my toddler. I find that the hand sanitizer comes in handy more than I thought it would have.

  8. Great tips! I have a friend who just had her fist baby and she will love this article so much!

  9. Oh, so true – toddlers need totally different stuff! Esp by toddler-dom, we always packed a few small toys to keep them focused while changing – in strange places, there are always SO many fun things to look at!

  10. Not a parent myself yet but keeping this in mind when i have my own little one! Such important must haves too

  11. Avatar

    It’s been almost 10 years since I have carried a diaper bag! I do miss those days and sounds like you are not forgetting any of the essentials!!!

  12. We just transitioned back into baby life with our third. It’s been such a long time since we had to worry about baby messes.

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