Paper Plate Jellyfish

Recently, we have been working on crafts and activities that focus on the ocean and things that live in or near it. Today, we want to share a fun painted jellyfish with you.

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Materials Needed

  • Paper Plate
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush (Optional. My toddler used her hands)
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes

I started by cutting the bottom off of the paper plate in a wavy pattern. After that, I put several paint colors on the plate.

Next, I let my toddler start painting. She decided to use her hands, but you could let your little ones use a brush or even a sponge.

While the paper plate was drying, I cut up strips from the tissue paper. We used a metallic tissue paper that looked different on each side.

After the paper plate fully dried, i flipped it over and helped my daughter glue on the tissue paper.

Finally, after letting the glue dry for a short time period, I flipped it over to let my daughter glue on the googly eyes. This craft is a bit more messy than most of what we do, but it was a big hit!

Book Suggestions

Small children learn best when books and art or activities are paired together. Here are our suggestions to go with this craft.

For more ocean fun, please check out our open ended shape fish and our painted sea turtle!

17 responses to “Paper Plate Jellyfish”

  1. This is so cute! And just the kind of art project my little nieces will love.

  2. diverse deedee Avatar
    diverse deedee

    So Great!! My Grandson would love making this. I’ll have him make 2, one for his Mom and Dad, and one for Grammy and Grampy’s house.

  3. My son made something very similar to this in preschool this year when they were working on the letter J. It’s still hanging in the playroom because he loves it so much!

  4. These look great fun. I wish I was better at this kind of thing.

  5. This is such a cute project! I love jellyfish and know my kids will enjoy making this craft!

  6. Awww this paper plate jelly is so cute! It’s the kind of project that every kid would love to draft

  7. My little one is obsessed with sea creatures. I can’t wait to make this adorable jellyfish with him!

  8. What a fun craft for little ones. I will have to bookmark this for them!

  9. I love DIYs!!! This one is so much fun to do with my kid, amazing!!! I am so excited lol

  10. What a cute idea! I would love to try this with Liam I bet he would love it!

  11. Omg what a cute craft!!!! Definitely something my daughter would have a blast making!!!!

  12. You are so crafty. I still believe in art and how it transforms ideas. My kids would have loved to take part in that.

  13. I love the paint-mixing component of the top half! – that is always a favorite thing for my kiddos! And the finished project is so cute!

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  15. This looks like a fun activity! Awesome book suggestions to go along with the craft!

  16. This is so cute!! We love paper plate crafts!

  17. This is brilliant! We are SO doing this next time we study ocean life!

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