The Essential Guide to Disney Gifts for Kids

In our house, we love all things Disney. Our daughter is obsessed with almost every Disney movie and cartoon that she has ever watched. She loves getting new Disney related toys and clothing. Earlier this month, we posted a list of adult Disney themed gift ideas. Today, we want to share some gift ideas for children.

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Hair Accessories, Hats, and Ears

Stuffed Toys

Kids Furniture


Building Toys

We hope you enjoy our list of gift suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. What is your child’s favorite Disney character? What is their favorite Disney toy that they already have?

18 responses to “The Essential Guide to Disney Gifts for Kids”

  1. My boys have a stuffed hei hei. And Pua because we love Moana here. We actually just got back from a trip to WDW and miraculously came away with very few new toys!

    • When we went to Disney, it took my toddler like 4 days to realize she could buy things. We kept taking her into gift shops with the hope that she’d point to something. She finally picked out a stuffed porg and then she went into shopping mode. We were glad we packed an extra suitcase for purchases.

  2. Those are the perfect Disney gifts for kids! But also for adults haha. I consider myself as a Mickey Mouse fan the Minnie ears would be a perfect gift for me as well lol

  3. Disney bring life to a child’s world. I hardly know any kid who doesnt love Disney. Amazon is great place to shop when you look for disney theme products. My house if full of stuff toys.

  4. Oddly enough, this is a realm where we have not ventured. I love your different “ear” ideas, though!

  5. All things I will be definitely think about as I prepare my daughter and I for a trip to Walt Disney World next year. I definitely need to make sure she’s prepared with some great Mickey ears.

  6. I had that exact Disney school desk for my son when I started homeschooling. It gets kids into the school mode while at home. AND its Disney!!!!

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