Open Ended Ocean Art

Yesterday, I wanted to find something that would encourage my daughter to be creative, but we did not have a lot of time. I came up with this open ended art that has limitless possibilities for creativity. I am writing this blog post with the intention of sharing what we used for this activity, but you can use whatever you have around the house to help your kids create a beautiful ocean scene that is unique to them.

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What We Used

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Plastic Easter Grass

I started by cutting rock like shapes from the brown construction paper and cutting fish shapes out of several other colors of construction paper. I left the blue paper whole so we could use it as a background.

Next, I helped my toddler glue the Easter grass near the bottom of the paper.

After that, I handed her the rock like shapes one by one. She put them where she wanted them. When she was done with the rocks, I gave her the fish to glue on. We did this art project in the evening, so I wanted to keep it simple, but you can add as many elements as you would like.

After my toddler had everything glued down, I helped her put a googly eye on each fish. The finished art project gave us a beautiful ocean scene that showcased my little one’s creativity.

Book Suggestions

Small children learn best when you pair up books with related art projects or learning activities. Here are some books that would go great with this ocean art.

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