Ten Birthday Party Themes We Love

When it comes time to start planning a birthday party for your little one, it can be so hard to decide what theme to pick. Tonight, we want to share ten birthday party themes we love. To see more ideas for each theme, please click on the links below the pictures!

Baby Shark

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Trucks And Transportation

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Pool Party

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Mickey Mouse

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Harry Potter

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Peppa Pig

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We hope you enjoyed our list of birthday party themes! We would love to hear from you. What themes have you used in the past? Do you love to throw parties or is it more of a chore for you?

18 responses to “Ten Birthday Party Themes We Love”

  1. Looking forward to throwing bday parties for my little one! Iโ€™d totally do the Baby Shark or Harry Potter one!

  2. Crystal Gempko Avatar
    Crystal Gempko

    Oh my goodness, these are adorable! My favorites are the unicorn themed and the owl themed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What great themes! I love the Harry Potter and unicorn themes – I would like to do both of these for my daughter as I’m sure she’d love them both!

    1. We are pretty sure our daughter’s next birthday party will be unicorn themed.

  4. I super love all these themes, just amazing…But i have a fave, Mickey themed party would be soooo much fun, who doesn’t love Mickey.

    1. We love all things Disney in our house!

  5. All of these themes would thrill any little one. My granddaughter is crazy about Frozen so she would love that one. I also know several little boys who would be thrilled to have that monster truck cake.

  6. Of all of these, I have hosted a truck party and multiple Harry Potter parties. My sister just did a Baby Shark party for my nephew a few months ago. Such cute ideas!

  7. Angela Tolsma Avatar
    Angela Tolsma

    The shark theme is something my nephew has been asking for since he was two. He’s five now and wants the same thing this year. It’s adorable and he definitely has an obsession!

    1. My daughter has a shark obsession too!

  8. My youngest is currently loving baby shark. That was a cleaver cup setup you have for that theme. I also really like the Harry Potter owls.

    1. Baby shark is a huge hit here too!

  9. All these theme parties are simply adorable. I love organizing theme parties and thanks to your post, I have loads of ideas now.

  10. So many fun ideas here! My son is currently obsessed with monster trucks, so heโ€™d live the transportation one!

    1. It is such a cute theme!

  11. I love all of these ideas! My favorite is baby shark! My son’s first birthday has to be that!

  12. Those are some pretty cool cakes there and can go with a ton of different themes. I have to admit I love the chocolate monster truck cake but maybe that’s just me being a guy. So fun.

    1. That cake is really amazing!

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