“What is On My Plate Today?” Activity

Today, we worked on critical thinking skills, healthy decision making skills, and fine motor skills with this easy activity.

Materials Needed

  • A Paper Plate
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Pictures of Food (Cut out from magazines)
  • A Crayon/ Marker/ Colored Pencil
  • Tape

First, I wrote “What is on my plate today?” on the piece of construction paper. I left plenty of room to later tape on the plate.

Next, I showed our toddler all her food options and let her pick some. I encouraged her to pick items one by one. I asked her to name each picture as she glued it on. We talked about balancing healthy foods with foods that should be saved as treats. To finish, I taped the plate onto the bottom of the construction paper.

This activity can be done in a home or classroom setting. It is great for kids from 2 1/2 to 5. Smaller children will need more guidance, but this is a wonderful activity to increase language skills and help little ones learn to make good decisions.

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