Simple Shape Sorter

Today, we want to share a super simple activity that teaches important skills. This simple shape sorter activity will help toddlers learn shapes as well as encourage critical thinking skills as they sort them.

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • A Marker, Colored Pencil, or Crayon
  • Scissors

We started by drawing three shapes on one of the pieces of paper.

Next, we cut out shapes in several colors. We ended up having way more than we needed. You probably only need about three of each shape.

Finally, we put glue inside the drawn shapes and started handing paper shapes to our toddler. We encouraged her to name each shape and then match it to the shape on the paper.

This activity took about five minutes. It is a quick way to build cognitive skills.

19 responses to “Simple Shape Sorter”

  1. Avatar

    This is such a great activity for little ones! My kids would have really enjoyed this when they were younger.

  2. how creative! I love such simple concepts that spark creativity! I bet kids loved it too!

  3. Anshika Juneja Avatar
    Anshika Juneja

    I love such diy activities! this is so much fun to do with the little ones and even alone when you have nothing to do.

  4. This is such a great idea for toddlers. You could also sort by color, too, and make two activities in one from this!

  5. So simple! But shows how even the simplest little things with paper and scissors can be educational too! Great tip!

  6. This looks so simple yet so entertaining! It’s amazing how the simple games can be so fun and so educational:)

    1. We always try to keep it simple. I feel like things get so complicated now in our education system, so a simple foundation at home is best!

  7. This is a really cool activity for kids. I am going to share it with my friend who teaches kindergarten kids πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! It might be a bit too easier for most kindergarteners, but I’m sure it could be turned into some kind of file fold game for center time with the help of a laminator.

  8. This is very simple, but actually sometimes simple things are best. this is a fab idea for the kids xx

  9. What a great activity for preschoolers. This is fun and educational. I bet my son would love it.

  10. I love this! So simple and a great way to teach little ones shapes! I’ll have to try this with my daughter.

  11. I love this idea! It’s simple but a great way for children to learn shapes and sorting.

    1. My daughter has always gotten distracted easily, so simple activities work great for us!

  12. So simple, but soooo valuable. Really great post!

  13. This is such a great activity for toddlers!

  14. This is so simple but I know my kids would enjoy it!

  15. Love this! I was just wondering what my daughter and I were going to do until we leave for dance (she is 2). This is it! Thx!

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