Five Tips for a Great Visit to Kings Island

Yesterday, we got to visit Kings Island in Ohio. We had a great time. Today, we want to share five tips for you to get the most of our your visit!

**We were provided tickets by Kings Island so that we could share our experience with you. All opinions expressed are ours.**

If You Have a Special Need or Dietary Concern, Stop Into Guest Services

You will find guest services right before you enter the park. If you have food allergies or dietary limitations, they have a wonderful very detailed print out of where you can eat what with different allergies or limitations. It was extremely helpful. They also offer a Boarding Pass program for those with special mobility needs or Autism. Most of the lines are not wheelchair accessible, so if you need to use the handicap entrance to rides, you will need to stop and get this pass. They will ask a few questions to determine if you are eligible and then give you a piece of paper to present at the designated area. You can read more about this program and other important accessibility information here.

Always Dress for The Weather

Ohio weather can be a bit unpredictable. On the day we visited, it was very cold for a summer day with some light rain. We were still able to enjoy the park, but we wished we had brought a few extra layers of clothing! They have lockers throughout the park that are very affordable, so it is better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Eat Small Amounts

There is so much food to choose from in Kings Island! If you eat too much at once, you will not get to sample nearly enough of it! This year, you can visit the brand new Miami River Brewhouse.

All Rides May Not Accommodate All People

Kings Island offers more than 100 rides, shows and attractions. There is something for people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. However, if you are a coaster enthusiast and happen to be a bigger person, you should be aware that you may struggle to fit in some coasters. Before you leave, make sure you read this guide that lists the height requirements as well as other safety information for each ride. Many thrill rides and coasters restraint systems will not safely fit if you are on the fluffy side. Mr. Not So Crafty was a bit disappointed that his thrill ride selection was limited, but he did still find plenty of things to enjoy. I am also a bigger person and I fit into everything that I tried but one very old wooden coaster, so I think it has more to do with how you are shaped than it does your actual weight. Since only a few rides have test seats, you may just have to try out each ride if you really want to try to go on it.

Don’t Forget to Take Time to Shop

With so much to do, it may be easy to forget to take time to browse the many gift shops. This would be a mistake. They offer a large variety of items with super reasonable prices. We got the cutest little Charlie Brown dress for our daughter for around $25.

Kings Island offers the perfect combination of thrill rides and family attractions. The park has an impressive 15 roller coasters. You will not want to miss The Beast or Mystic Timbers. We visited Kings Island as part of an adult only trip, but families can spend the day together in Planet Snoopy kids’ area. Admission to Kings Island also includes Soak City Water Park! We did not get to visit the water park because it was cold, but it looked wonderful! For more information about visiting Kings Island, call (513) 754-5700 or visit the website.

We would love to hear from you! Have you ever visited Kings Island? If not, what is your favorite part about amusement parks?

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  1. This looks so fun. Weather reminds me a bit of over here, touch and go! We always have to bring extra fleeces, rain coats and boots incase it turns suddenly!

    There’s just so much to do over on King’s Island, I’m sure you will make it back to the water park when it’s less horrible!

    1. We plan on going back once our toddler is a bit taller, so I’m sure we will spend some time in the water park then because she loves the water.

  2. Kings Island sounds like a fun place to visit. I haven’t been before, but it sounds like they try to accommodate their visitors with the maps and something for everyone to do.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time. I think me and my daughter would love going into the Snoopy Boutique. So much fun. And the food looks pretty great as well.

    1. The Snoopy Boutique had so much cute stuff! We saw a video on YouTube where someone had bought an adorable Charlie Brown child’s dress, so we went searching for it because we knew our toddler would love it.

  4. It looks you have a great time I would love to go to Snoopy Boutique someday awesome photos!

    1. The Snoopy Boutique was a really unique gift shop!

  5. I would love to take the kids to Kings Island. We usually have our Summer spots, but I’d love to mix it up a little each year!

    1. We are creatures of habit for our summer spots too, but we were super excited to mix it up a bit this year.

  6. That snoopy boutique is the cutest. What a great travel guide share!

    1. It was so cute! It was really affordable too, which is great, because we couldn’t leave without a dress for our little peanut.

  7. This sounds like a really fun place for the entire family to visit! I bet you guys had a blast!

    1. We had so much fun! We can not wait to go back next year with our daughter when she is a bit taller.

  8. I have never been to this place but it looks so much fun! I would love to visit Kings Island someday 😍 Great post!

    1. It was a lot of fun!

  9. I would love to go there and have some fun! I agree with if you eat too much you cant sample it all! Best to snack your way through it!

  10. Never visited Kings Island (or Ohio). My favorite theme park is Disneyworld parks. Big Disney fans in our house. We just went to galaxy’s edge AMAZING.

    1. We love Disney World, but Kings Island is a great smaller park that is a bit more affordable since we live in Ohio. I am totally jealous right now though, I can not wait to see galaxy’s edge when it comes to Disney World. We won’t be going back until 2020 🙁

  11. Omg how fun!!! I have never been to kings island, but it sure looks like I’ve been missing out! I bet the family would have a blast

    1. It is a wonderful little gem. It is so hard to find classic amusement parks anymore!

  12. Jasmine Watts Avatar
    Jasmine Watts

    This is a great travel guide that is worth sharing! I haven’t been to Kings Island yet but I’m planning to. I think this is just perfect enough for me to have an idea of the place and what I should be expecting from the place. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome! It is a wonderful place to visit.

  13. Diffusing the Tension Blog Avatar
    Diffusing the Tension Blog

    I haven’t been to an amusement park in ages. Sounds like a blast!

  14. This sounds like fun! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  15. This sounds like so much fun. The little Snoopy store is so cute!

    1. It was super cute! It was hard to only buy one thing!

  16. Looks fantastic thank you for sharing! Xo

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