Fabulous Kid Approved Gluten Free Snacks

Summer time means increased snacking for many little ones. Today, we have gathered a small collection of gluten free snacks that your little ones will love.


Photo Credit: Lathis Kitchen

Maple Brown Sugar Baked Oatmeal Squares

Photo Credit: My Gluten Free Kitchen

Homemade Jello Fruit and Veggie Snack

Photo Credit: Food Meanderings

Healthy Date Bars

Photo Credit: Flavours Treat

Healthy Chocolate Clusters

Photo Credit: Food Meanderings

Gluten Free Crunchy Energy Bites

Photo Credit: This Mama Cooks!

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter

Photo Credit: Blender Babes

We hope you enjoy these recipes! Please drop a comment below and let us know which ones you think you or your little ones would love!

15 responses to “Fabulous Kid Approved Gluten Free Snacks”

  1. I’ve made something similar to those chocolate clusters before and they were so good! We’ve made them a few times now and everyone raves about them when I do. I’ll have to try some of these other recipes.

  2. These all sound delicious! I’ll have to give some of these recipes a go… I’m always looking for great snack ideas!

  3. Neyl Hezekiah Avatar
    Neyl Hezekiah

    Oh my goodness! They are absolutely awesome! I love them all, look so delicious. YUM!

  4. Angela Tolsma Avatar
    Angela Tolsma

    I would love to do the homemade jello and fruit snacks. Definitely something I enjoy eating and to make it myself would be awesome.

    1. Those look like a super easy healthy snack!

  5. Wow! these are some delicious gluten free snacks. I have never had gluten free food, dont think we have gluten allergies. there are lot of people who have gluten allergy.

  6. I’m not sure what my kids will think, but I can’t wait to try the Snickerdoodle Cookie Batter. These all look so good!

  7. This is so helpful. I feel like its super hard to find gluten free snacks my kids will love.

    1. I’m glad we could help!

  8. I’ve made a similar snack before, the energy bars. I have to try this gluten free version. I’m sure it’s even better.

  9. This is a fun healthy snack for kids and I would love to make one for my niece.

  10. Those all look delicious. My kiddos would probably love the granola bars and no bake cookies. We’ve had to switch to more gluten free because of my son, I’ll have to have him try these to see if he’d like them.

  11. These look delicious! We’ve recently had to change over to gluten free to help my son. I’ll have to give these a try to see if he likes them!

  12. The date bars would be so great for my bike trips. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. You are welcome!

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