Magic Wand

Our toddler loves everything to do with fairy tales. Right now, we are exploring some fairy tale related art, books, and activities. Yesterday, we made a magic wand!

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper
  • Gems, Stickers, ect.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towel Roll

We started by drawing a star on the construction paper and cutting it out. If you want a perfect star, but are bad at drawing, I’d suggest printing out a template of some sort. Our freehand star is a bit wonky, but our toddler didn’t mind. After that, we cut a strip from the paper towel roll. If you are doing this for a group of children, you can get about four “wands” per paper towel roll.

Next, we put glue all over the star and let our toddler glue on gems. You could also just put dots of glue all over the star as well. Glue sticks would likely not work well for this craft. If you are using stickers, you can skip the glue all together.

After our toddler was done, we used a paper towel to wipe away the excess glue then let it dry.

Once the star is dry, we helped our toddler glue it onto the piece we cut from the paper towel roll. We hung our toddler’s magic wand up on the fridge, but it would also make an excellent pretend play toy for children that are old enough not to eat parts of it!

11 responses to “Magic Wand”

  1. Great idea for toddler activities! Kids love anything magic. It basically doesn’t cost anything and toddlers will have more fun with it than they would with an expensive toy

    • Most of the activities we do just require materials you can find around your house. We hate spending money to keep our little one occupied when we could put it to better use!

  2. That looks so very cute. My daughter would have loved this craft when she was younger. It would especially be interesting with the jewels as she always loved those.

  3. What an adorable craft here! My 4 year-old gilr loves fairies and I’m sure she’ll love crafting a magic wand!

  4. This craft turned out so cute. My girls would love to make something like this!

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