Where We Ate at Walt Disney World

We love everything about Walt Disney World. We love the rides, we love the shows, and we really love the food! This evening, we want to share with you everywhere we ate on our March trip to Disney. We unfortunately were so busy enjoying ourselves, that we did not get pictures of our meals. We do however have great memories and some opinions about each restaurant to share!

Magic Kingdom

Crystal Palace- We had breakfast at The Crystal Palace. It was wonderful. We previously wrote a detailed review that you can check out to learn more about our experience.

Pinocchio Village Haus- Pinoccio Village Haus is one of our go to’s for lunch in the Magic Kingdom. It is located next to it’s a small world. They have wonderful gluten free options. It does get very busy and noisy, so if you are traveling with someone who has sensory sensitivities, you may want to sit outside.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- We had never tried Pecos Bill’s before, but we ended up eating there twice on our most recent trip. The portions are giant. Our favorite part was the topping bar that allowed us to add different toppings ourselves to our meal. Our toddler loves sour cream, so being able to have as much as we wanted of it was a wonderful perk.

The Plaza Restaurant- We wanted to try some new things this past trip, so we made a reservation at the Plaza Restaurant for dinner. Reservations did not appear to be required, but the walk up wait was about a half hour when we were there. The service was good and the chef who we spoke to was very accommodating when I realized there wasn’t much on the menu that was both allergy safe and fit my other dietary needs. Mr. Not So Crafty got a burger and it looked amazing as well.


Image by Chris Flynn from Pixabay

Electric Umbrella- We have loved eating at the Electric Umbrella on past trips, but it was a disappointment this time. We had done mobile ordering to make the process quicker because our toddler was hungry and in the middle of a meltdown caused by sensory overload. When we got there, it was fairly empty and quiet, which did help our little one calm down. After about 20 minutes, Mr. Not So Crafty went to check on our mobile order. They simply had not made it. We would have been more understanding if they were busy or at least a tiny bit apologetic, but neither one of those things applied. The food was average, but not worth what ended up being about a 30 minute wait for quick service food.

Sunshine Seasons- We visited Sunshine Seasons for lunch on a day that a family member was joining us in Epcot. It’s huge variety of healthy options was perfect for each of our unique dietary needs. It was super easy to find a cast member to take my allergy friendly order. The food was very good and it was a nice place for a quick lunch.

Rose and Crown Dining Room- We had an early dinner at the Rose and Crown Dining room. We did not have a reservation, but they are available to make. We only waited about five minutes for an inside seat on a Saturday. They have a dedicated fryer that offers french fries that are safe from allergens. The food did take an above average amount of time to get to our table, but it was really good once we got it! The bar area was very busy. I had to take my toddler to the bathroom for a diaper change while we waited for our food and after struggling to try to get through the bar and to the bathroom inside the restaurant, I gave up and went across the street to a restroom there. I would highly recommend doing this instead of trying to fight your way through the bar crowd with your small children!

Animal Kingdom

Restaurantosaurus- Restaurantosaurus holds the title of our toddler’s favorite Disney restaurant. The atmosphere is very child friendly and the kid’s meals come with a little bucket and shovel. The food and service was good. This will be a new go to quick service for our family.

Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express- We usually only do a sit down meal in Hollywood Studios, but this trip, we decided to try a quick service meal instead. We really enjoyed the food from Backlot Express. They had an amazing selection of sauces that were not available at every quick service restaurant. Our only complaint was about the layout of the restaurant. It was very cramped and not very handicap friendly. We would still eat there again, even if it was hard to navigate.

Disney Springs

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’- Homecomin’ is a restaurant that was new to us. My dad had wonderful things to say about it, so we made a reservation and decided to give it a try.  The restaurant offers southern comfort food. This is Mr. Not So Crafty’s pick for best meal of the trip. He got a giant burger and thought it was delicious. My choices were limited because they were not as good about accommodating allergies as Disney owned restaurants, but I ended up getting the Kitchen plate (a collection of side dishes). I left full and it was very good. You do not absolutely have to have a reservation to eat at Homecomin’ but it does get really busy.

The Rainforest Cafe- On the second to last day of our trip, Mr. Not So Crafty had decided we needed one more sit down dinner. He looked on the Disney App and found a dinner reservation open for Rainforest Cafe on our last night. We found the check in process a little hectic. Once we got sat down, our server was nice and they had tons of allergy friendly options. The food did take a long time to get to us, but it was very good. The portions were very filling. We were worried that the regularly timed “rainstorms” would bother our toddler, but she enjoyed everyone one of them.

Pop Century

Everything Pop Food Court- The Everything Pop food court was the first and last place we ate while on our Disney trip. Like most resort dining, it is right off of the lobby, so it was super convenient. They have a huge selection of different foods. They work really well with allergies, but the allergy safe food does take a long time to get. It is worth the wait to stay safe though! They do put onions in some things that one might not expect onions in, so if you have an onion sensitivity like Mr. Not So Crafty, you may want to ask in advance if your food choice will contain them.

We were overall very happy with our food and dining experience during our stay! Disney offers a level of customer service that you can not find many other places. If you have been to Disney, what is your favorite place to eat? If you have not, are there any on our list that sound good to you?

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  1. My favorite place! Sounds like you had a great trip 🙂

  2. I love Rainforest Cafe! We took my son when he was very young. We are heading into the parks this summer for the first time, so it’s good to know the best places with young ones!

    1. This was our first time eating at Rainforest Cafe with our daughter, so we were a bit nervous, but she did great. She was sold on it as soon as she saw that they had fish tanks!

  3. These look like some great food options at Disney! I am looking forwards to trying a few of these on our next trip.

  4. Wow, such a wonderful place in Walt Disney World and this is one of my dream places to visit someday. Awesome photos!

    1. I hope you get to visit some day! It is amazing.

  5. Honestly all that you listed sounds good to me. However I would love to try the Rainforest Cafe.

    1. The Rainforest Café is something we try to visit whenever we are near one!

  6. Wow , love the beautiful pictures . Who doesn’t love Disney. These sound great options. Will try out them, when I will visit there .

  7. These all sound like great places to eat. Hopefully I get to try them out someday!!

  8. Wow! I’m surprised that almost every restaurant served burgers, where I live only fast food burger restaurant serve them 🙂

    1. Mr. Not So Crafty likes burgers and we do not buy beef at home, so he enjoyed all the high quality burgers that Disney’s resturants offer. They have much more of a selection than the average fast food resturant.

  9. So many great places out there at Walt Disney World. I have wanted to take my daughter there for so long. This just reminds me I need to do that if I can in any way possible. I hope to go there with my daughter next year.

    1. It is a wonderful place to visit. If it was up to me, we’d be moving closer so we could go once a week, but Mr. Not So Crafty says no!

  10. I’ve been to Disney Land, not Disney World and all of these places sound good to eat (I’m a foodie) but the one that stuck out to me was Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. I definitely can’t wait until my family and I can go to Disney World.

    1. We have never been to Disney Land, but want to go someday!

  11. I would love to go and visit the park one day. I should make that a goal.

  12. It looks and sounds incredible! I’ll be bookmarking this for future!

  13. Never heard of Homecomin’, but will definitely check it out next time I go!

  14. I love the Rainforest Cafe! Looks like there are some really good places that I need to try, better put Disney World on my next vacation list!

  15. What great insight! Looks like a magical trip 🙂

  16. Never been to Disney, but it’s good to know there are places that have healthy, allergen free options. I eat gluten and dairy free and my daughter is a vegetarian, eating a ketoish diet. So we would probably like the Sunshine Seasons! Thanks for the information!

    1. Sunshine Seasons is one of the healthiest places in the parks to eat! Disney in general has so many special diet friendly options.

  17. My boyfriend and I have talked about taking our son to Disney! I’m going to definitely keep these options in mind.

  18. here from “bloggers growing together” and had to reply. i actually worked at peco’s bills in 2007 before the addition of the taco salads, etc. and i remember them telling us we were the 2nd busiest QS in WDW and the 3rd busiest in the world. ;O

    1. It is easy to see why they are so busy! We are planning a trip back in October (hopefully) and we can not wait to eat there again

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  20. Thanks for sharing these great Disney tips. I’m hoping our family can go to Disney one day.

  21. I enjoyed reeading this

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