Tissue Paper Flower

Spring is here and we are having some lovely weather today! Our flowers have started to bloom outside and this year, our toddler is really into smelling them. We decided to bring that interest inside with this tissue paper flower craft.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper (We used green and pink cut into little pieces)
  • A Pen

If your tissue paper is already cut, start by drawing a large flower on a piece of white paper. We keep bags of pre-cut tissue paper in our craft bin to keep prep time simple. If it is not already cut, then you’ll also need to cut out small squares of tissue paper before your little one can get started.

Once your flower is drawn, cover it with liquid glue. This is an activity that a glue stick really would not work as well for. We create most of our crafts and learning activities with our two year old in mind, but if you have a child that is in elementary school and you’d like to make this an interesting craft for them, they could draw the flower and run the glue bottle all on their own. Once the glue is on, let your little one put the tissue paper onto the flower shape on color at a time.

This craft is a bit more guided than most we post on our blog, but the end result is so cute!

12 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Flower

  1. It’s so funny you show this, my younger son just did a very similar craft in preschool and wants to do it again at home! It’s such a fun, easy craft for them.

  2. What a simple craft. I am going to show this to my co-worker who teaches the youngest class in our preschool. He would love this.

  3. I love tissue paper crafts! It is a great way to use all that leftover party tissue and create some pretty art pieces.

  4. This is very cute for sure. It’s something my daughter would have loved doing when she is younger. I may have to find a way to use this craft at my library.

  5. Awwww i think this is such a cute craft!!! I love being crafty but I’m definitely not Pinterest crafty lol

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