Abstract Spring Rain Art

We have started to get warm weather in our area, but we have also been getting a lot of rain. This art project is a simple way to entertain a little one on a rainy day.

Supplies Needed

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

This is a very open ended art activity. You can very easily make it your own. We decided to make ours very simple because our child is two, but you can add much more to yours. We cut out raindrops and parts of an umbrella. You could also add clouds, lightening, or really anything you wanted.

After we got everything ready, we let our toddler glue things down the way she wanted them. We used liquid glue, but a glue stick would work great as well.

The end result was a unique piece of spring art.


13 thoughts on “Abstract Spring Rain Art”

  1. This is perfect for this weekend! We are supposed to have a stormy day tomorrow, so the boys would find it funny to make a rainy day craft when it’s raining outside!


  2. This yellow umbrella looks so cute 🙂 I hope this activity was really fun doing and it entertained you on a rainy day!


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