Simple Paper Bunny

Yesterday was a busy day. Our toddler had an appointment and then we headed to a local play place so she could run off some energy. In the afternoon, we wanted to come up with a quick craft that she could have fun with.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper (Two Pieces)
  • Construction Paper (Can be any color)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

We started by cutting out the parts needed to make the bunny. We cut out a big circle, a smaller circle, and two ears from the construction paper our little one picked. Next, we cut a fluffy bunny tail from one of the sheets of white paper. You can use scrap white paper for the tail if you have any. We always keep paper scraps around to cut down on waste.

Next, we let our little one put together the bunny. We put glue from a bottle on the paper, but a preschool aged child could use a glue stick instead. We have not introduced the glue stick concept to our two year old yet, so we do not have any around the house.

The end result is a very simple, but super cute, bunny!

12 responses to “Simple Paper Bunny”

  1. We also keep a lot of scrap paper around because my older son loves to do all kinds of crafts. I’ll have to show this to him so he can cut the paper and work on his scissor skills at the same time.

  2. Aww, so cute! My daughters would want to add cottonballs as well, for the tail and the ears – and knowing them, they’d probably also scrounge up some yarn scraps for the whiskers…

  3. My kids love crafts. This seems like it will be right up their alley. Next time we have the art box out we will give this a shot.

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