Balancing Chronic Illness and Parenthood

When a parent gets sick, it can be difficult for the whole household. When a parent has a chronic illness or disability, it is something that the whole household has to adapt to. It can be very frustrating and lonely at times. Today, we want to share a few tips for those who may be struggling to balance life with a chronic illness and parenthood.

Do Not Strive for Perfection

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Your children do not need a perfect parent, they need you! Each and every one of us have different abilities and talents. Comparing yourself to other parents, especially those without health struggles, will always leave you disappointed. I have learned to embrace both my limitations and my strengths.

Respect Your Own Limits

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You are allowed to have a bad day. You are allowed to give yourself rest when you need it. If you need to order delivery for dinner, skip the laundry, or let the dusting wait a day, then you should do that without guilt. Your health is more important than a spotless house. Do not be afraid to use your support system. I am blessed to have a mother who is always willing to give me a little break when my chronic illnesses are causing me extra problems.

Join A Support Group

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It can be super helpful to know that you are not alone! Since not everyone has time to go to an in person support group, Facebook groups can be very helpful as well!

We hope these tips are useful. If you are living with a chronic illness, we’d love to hear from you! How do you balance your life? How do you take time to care for yourself? What is your biggest challenge right now?

17 responses to “Balancing Chronic Illness and Parenthood”

  1. This post made me realize that when we were growing up, I actually don’t remember my parents being sick ever. I’m sure they were at one point, but we kids never felt any difference. Parents are heroes!

    1. Most parents are pretty good at pushing through the day no matter how bad they are feeling.

  2. You are so right, it is so hard to be a parent when you are sick. I can’t imagine doing it with a chronic illness. But, then again, I guess you just adapt and make things work.

  3. I like to say when you’re a parent you don’t get off days! This is all so true and even more of a challenge if dealing with a chronic illness. These are great tips to push through

    1. Days off are definitely hard to come by once you become a parent!

  4. thatssodarling Avatar

    You are such a strong lady and an inspiration to all of us mommas out there! Nothing brings out your strengths better then your children.

  5. A good friend of mine struggles with a chronic illness and I have no idea how anyone does it!

    1. Sometimes you have no idea how much you can do while feeling completely terrible until you are forced to find out.

  6. My friend suffered from chronic illness its not easy to see. With a family even harder. Try and take some time out for yourself and ask for help when needed.

  7. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to parent with a chronic illness. Parenting is such a difficult all consuming job.

  8. Seeing a parent I’ll can be very difficult for the children. But parents are super-heroes that can always hide their pains from their children.

  9. Parenthood is anyways tough and balancing it with chronic illness is worse. Hats off to the parents who are able to do it. I strongly believe in once thing………a strong will could make you do anything

  10. Yes yes yes to all of this!!! I’m in a good place right now, but there have been months and years of my life when my husband and my mama have had to pick up a lot of parenting slack for me…

    1. I’m glad you could relate! .

  11. Having to parent when I have the common cold is a challenge, I can’t inagine having to deal with a chronic illness while parenting. I’m so impressed and inspired by those who do!

  12. I agree dealing with an illness while trying to raise children can be very stressful. Good to know they have Facebook groups for it.

  13. Nothing worse than being ill on a long term basis. Combine this with parenting and it can equal stress for surte xx

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