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We recently enjoyed a wonderful eight day stay at Walt Disney World. We stayed at Pop Century for the second time. We had a blast and were not in the room much, but we want to share a little about the resort with you! This is not a sponsored post nor were we asked to write it, we just love sharing our travel experiences!

This was our first Disney World trip as a family of three, so we were looking for a resort that would be very interesting for a small child. We looked at a variety of resorts, but decided on Pop Century because the price was something we could easily afford and we knew from our previous stay that it was very nice. The rooms had been refurbished since our last stay, so they were new to us.

Overall, we really enjoyed the new room design. We loved the hard wood floors because we all have allergies that can be sometime bothered by older carpet. The decor was fun but simple. The only thing we did not love was the glass doors on the bathtub. We know it is probably more sanitary and saves the hassle of changing shower curtains, but they did make it just a bit challenging to bath a wiggly toddler. We absolutely loved the room as a whole though.

Our toddler wakes up super early, so we got to enjoy walking around the resort several times. All of the buildings really captured the Disney spirit as well as the decade that each building represented. We tried to get some pictures of our toddler in front of some of the cool decorations, but she just was not feeling photogenic.

Before we stay at any hotel, Mr. Not So Crafty checks out the nearby food options. One of the biggest differences between a Value hotel and the Moderate and Deluxe hotels is that the value hotels do not have restaurants. They simply have food courts. The food court at Pop Century has a very large selection of foods, so we did not really miss having a restaurant. They have a lot of allergy friendly options as well, but you must speak to a chef for safety, and that can mean that you have a wait a bit longer for your food, but allergy safe food is worth waiting for!

We highly enjoyed our stay! Pop Century offers affordable lodging while offering all the perks of staying on Disney property. We will be visiting again!

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    The accommodation sounds great as I do prefer wooden to carpeted floors for hygiene reasons. The rooms seem functional with everything you could need. We’d stay there!

    1. It is so rare to find wooden floors in hotels, so it was very nice! It was very functional and the simple décor was wonderful after a very stimulating day in the parks.

  2. Sounds like you had a really good time. Sounds like there were more pluses than minuses and you all enjoyed it. Yay!

  3. I stayed at Pop Century before, but it’s been soooo long I don’t remember much of it. We are heading to Disney this summer, but renting a house off-site since there will be 13 of us. But the perks of staying on property are pretty great!

    1. Renting a house is definitely the way to go when you have a lot of people. I love the on site perks, but when we go with our extended family in a few years, we will likely end up renting a house as well.

  4. Traveling on a budget with kids is such a great idea! I get so grossed out by hotel carpet, so this option would be SUCH a win for me. I’ll keep this in mind for our next visit to Disney.

  5. Wow 8 days at Disney World, so lucky! I’d love to take my children there. We live in Australia so it’s a fair way to travel but will get there one day! Loved your review to show us affordable options.

    1. It is very expensive when you have to travel so far! We live about two hours by plane, so it is not a long journey, but I wish we lived closer so we could go more often. It is an amazing place to visit, even if it is just one time.

  6. I’m hoping for a Disney trip this year! I prefer affordable accommodations., especially if it’s still a Disney property.

    1. We love that Disney considers all budgets in their resort offerings!

  7. What a great option for when you are making the trip to Disney. It can be so expensive and this is a good way to save on that.

  8. Sucha . great disney option! I think the room is cool. Loving that artwork!

  9. I’m not usually a fan of the Allstar resorts, but I will say pop century is the better one. Definitely the better value resort at Disney

    1. This is the only value resort we have tried out. My mom loves the All Star resorts, but we know a lot of the larger tour groups use them, so we have avoided them for that reason so far.

  10. I am not really impressed. It seems there isn’t a lot of pop culture references inside the room. Andy Warhol is cool but how about anything else?

    1. The rooms are very simple. They used to be a bit more “Disney” but were never full of pop cultural references. We love it as parents though because simple rooms have less distractions when children are trying to sleep. The lobby has a lot of pop culture references but sadly we did not find time to take pictures of it.

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