Fun Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

It is officially March! In North East Ohio, that may or may not start to bring warm weather, but it also brings St. Patrick’s Day. Unless you enjoy green beer, it is a holiday that often gets overlooked. We have gathered a few great ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day that are perfect for families with small children!

Make Crafts and Learn Together

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We recently published an adorable leprechaun hat craft. For an assortment of printables and other fun things, head over to Heart and Mind Homeschool. They have compiled a wonderful list with so many options!

Cook Together

Photo Credit Mommy Needs Cookies

Irish Potato Candy is the perfect choice for a fun, festive Saint Patrick’s Day food to cook.

Catch a Leprechaun

Photo Credit Mommy Needs Cookies

This is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition that has really caught on in recent years. Our toddler is still a bit young for this one, but it looks like so much fun! There is even a book about catching a leprechaun. Visit Mommy Needs Cookies to see the book and a fun trap!

Play in a Sensory Bin

Photo Credit Mama Writes Reviews

We do tons of sensory bins. This St.Patrick’s Day themed bin looks very fun and we can not wait to try it out for ourselves.

Make Gifts for Others

Photo Credit Faking It Fabulous

You can help others celebrate by handing out little gifts. These cute little pots of gold would make perfect gifts for teachers, medical professionals, or friends!

We would love to hear from you! How do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Do you go all out or is it a holiday that does not appeal much to you?


19 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day”

  1. These are all wonderful ideas! The catching a leprechaun is so stinking cute, I definitely want to do that. And those little pots of gold would be perfect for the daycare teachers! Thanks!


    1. I did not know that! I think it’s only popular here in the US because people love an excuse to drink, but we are very family oriented, so we are always looking for new things to do together.


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