Mess Free Painted Car

Our toddler loves go to bye bye in the “vroom”. We were not going anywhere yesterday because it was nasty outside, so we painted a car instead!

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (Any color, black, and white)
  • Paint (We used two different colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Gallon Sized Plastic Sandwich Bag

Start by cutting a car shape out of construction paper. Next, cut two circles from the black paper and a rectangle from the white paper.

After that, put small dots of paint on the car shape and put it in the plastic bag.

Now your little one can get to work painting. Let them move the paint around in the bag. Our toddler loves the squishy texture and we love that there is no big mess to clean up.

After your little one is done, gently take it out of the bag. It will take a bit of time to dry.

Once the car is drive, let your little one glue on the circles as wheels and the rectangles as the front window.

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