Shape Leprechaun Hat

We are just under a month away from St. Patrick’s Day, but we decided to take a break from winter themed activities and do something different! This leprechaun hat is super easy and can be done with materials most of you will already have at home!

Materials Needed

  • Green Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • White or Other Light Color Construction Paper
  • scissors
  • Glue

We started by cutting the green paper into several thin rectangles and one thicker rectangle. We recommend between six and ten thin rectangles. Next, we cut out a black rectangle, a small black square, and a yellow rectangle that was slightly smaller than the black rectangle. If your child is preschool or early elementary school aged, you can just draw the lines and let them do the cutting!

After all the cutting was done, we set our toddler down and let her get to work! We started with the thin rectangles. We put glue on the paper and then let her place the rectangles, but if your child can use a glue stick, that method is much less messy!

Next, we helped our toddler put the thicker green rectangle horizontally under the thinner rectangles.

Lastly, we gave her the remaining shapes to make the “buckle” part of the hat. The older your child is, the less guidance they will need.

The finished product is a cute little leprechaun hat!

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