Let’s Talk About Toddler Wearing

Our daughter turned two years old at the end of December. She is growing daily and is now firmly into the toddler stage. Even though she can walk well, we still use her LÍLLÉbaby carrier often. We have had a lot of people tell us it was time to put away the carrier, but we will not be doing that anytime soon! This morning, we want to talk a little bit about toddler wearing and answer some common questions we get!

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Just because a child can walk, does not mean they can walk easily in a crowded environment. We often will use our carrier instead of our stroller in hard to navigate places. We also use a book bag style diaper bag, so there is really no need at all to try to use a stroller most places we go. The other reason we love toddler wearing is that it provides a perfect, comfortable place for our little one to nap even in noisy places.

While some older carriers may have been uncomfortable, there are modern carriers designed just for toddlers! The one we have is for children from 20 to 60 pounds. Our two year old is only 21 pounds now, so we will get plenty of use out of it! Our daughter feels much lighter when being worn than she does when she is being carried in our arms. The carrier is also designed to support your back, which does not happen when you are just holding your child.

This last one is not a question, but still a statement that we have heard before. The only thing we can say is, we are pretty weird, but toddler wearing should not be viewed as unnatural in any way! A majority of toddlers still use strollers, so what is the difference? Using a carrier is more convenient and it takes up less room in the car! While baby wearing is a fairly recent “trend” in America, people from around the world have been wearing their babies and toddlers for as long as history has been recorded!

If you would like to start wearing your toddler and you are unsure what carrier is right for you, we have a few suggestions!

The LÍLLÉbaby Tie The Knot Baby Wrap is a lower cost option for children up to 30 pounds. If you want to try baby or toddler wearing, but do not want to put down a lot of money in case you do not like it, this is a great option!

The LÍLLÉbaby 3 in 1 CarryOn All Seasons is our carrier of choice. It is safe for children over 20 pounds and 12 months of age. Our toddler is tiny, so we did not purchase this until around her second birthday. The has three easy positions and is super comfortable for both the wearer and the child. It is more expensive than the wrap, but it is worth the investment!

We would love to hear from you! How do you feel about toddler wearing? If you’ve never tried it, but have interest, please leave any questions below and we will try our best to answer them!

16 responses to “Let’s Talk About Toddler Wearing”

  1. I would totally wear my toddler right now but he would only like it for about 2 minutes. haha!

    1. We were a bit surprised at first that our daughter still enjoyed being worn once she could walk. She is not a calm child, but is still pretty content riding around in the carrier.

  2. I used a carrier when my youngest was a baby because I also had my toddler so it let me be hands-free with the baby while worrying about the toddler. I completely agree that it’s easier than navigating a stroller!

  3. Francisca Garreton Avatar
    Francisca Garreton

    I loved wearing my toddler! I feel that it gave them an extra bit of confidence to confront the world, knowing that they can be independent and yet being cared for by wearing them when they are tired. Great post!

  4. So much useful information here. Ideal for new parents. Carrying a toddler is down to individual preference, but why not go for it xx

  5. It’s great that you still wish to make that kind of connection with your child. I think my daughter would have been too big and too awkward at that point to move. We went to strollers by then.

  6. There are so many benefits to wearing a child. People just assume that once the child can walk, that we should stop “babying” them. I don’t understand why people think children should start fending for themselves. I love wearing my babies.

  7. I wish people would mind their own business. Wearing a baby in a crowded space is a smart move plus many love that closeness way past the age others think they should.

  8. Anyone who thinks toddler wearing is somehow “wrong” a. never had to hike with one (you do NOT want to take a little one on their own two feet on a serious hiking trip!) and/or b. doesn’t realize that some children (like both of mine) cannot walk independently until well after their first birthdays. My first could not walk until she was almost 18 mos old, so yes, I was wearing her – and my second got to attend my brother’s wedding out on a precipice at the Grand Canyon when she was 18 mos old, so there was no way I was letting her walk by herself on the way out to the ceremony and back!

  9. Very interesting thoughts here and agree with you that just because a child can walk, doesn’t mean they can walk easily in a crowded environment. Besides, toddler-wearing creates a special bond with our kiddies. Never overrated.

    1. Yes, I do not think a little one is ever too old for some extra bonding!

  10. great idea! this seems like a simple and great way to be with the baby and not worrying about the toddler.

  11. I feel like I keep posting the same comment and it’s driving me nuts. I basically said I don’t have kids but would TOTALLY wear one of my dogs if they’d let me.

  12. With my oldest, I wasn’t able to wear him as long as I did my daughter because my pregnancies were so close together and I was told not to wear him while pregnant (it would have been so uncomfortable). I bust the carrier out any time my daughter is teething!! It helps so much for those clingy days. Wearing toddlers on your back is cool too!

  13. I could totally see how this is useful when you travel.

  14. I use carrier to both of my kids, aside from being affordable vs the stroller,I love carrying my kid.

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