Paint Blowing Snow Man

We have shared several snow men crafts in the past, but most of them were aimed towards toddlers. Today, we wanted to share a winter craft for older children. This one is perfect for children aged four to eight. Our toddler helped us out a bit, but it was far above her developmental level.

Materials Needed

  • Blue Construction Paper
  • White Paint
  • A Straw
  • Snow Man Parts (We used a foam orange triangle and black confetti. You can use your imagination based on what you have in hand)

Start by making a traditional looking snow man with white paint. If you are brave, let your child handle the paint bottle.

Next, let your child use the straw to blow the paint around. This might get a little messy, but they will have a blast.

After they are done blowing the paint around, let your little one put on the snowman parts. We did not need glue, because the paint was enough to hold everything.

The end result will take awhile to dry, but is super cute when it does.

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