Great Books for Your Newborn

When you are expecting to add a baby to your household, there are so many things to buy! One of our favorite things to prepare was our future child’s library. We want to share a few must have baby books with you! We know that babies can require a lot of expensive stuff, so the books on our list can be purchased for under $10 each!

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Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a classic! The story has a comforting tone that is great for setting a sleepy mood at bedtime.

Baby Touch and Feel: Animals

Baby Touch and Feel: Animals offers a wonderful sensory experience. There are parts that are sparkly, so that catches even the youngest readers attention.

Look, Look!

Look, Look! offers simplicity that is perfect for babies developing eyes!

My Very First Book of Colors

We could not share a list without an Eric Carle book! His books are so colorful and perfect for not just babies, but toddlers and small children as well.

We hope our list is helpful when starting a home children’s library! What is your favorite book for newborns?

17 responses to “Great Books for Your Newborn”

  1. I love a good book list. It’s so important for development to start reading to your little one right away. Rachel from Explore Kid Talk

  2. yes- what a great list girl- def taking a few of these to a baby shower in a few weeks!

  3. We love goodnight moon! My little boy calls it goodnight room. LOL

  4. We have Goodnight Moon (we actually ended up with 4 copies at one time!) and had the baby touch animals book. My boys are 3 & 5 and still like to read Goodnight Moon some nights.

    1. Goodnight moon is still a favorite here too!

  5. I am always looking for new books to send to my friends and their kids. I think I’ve heard of goodnight moon before.

  6. We really enjoy Eric Carle books! We have a few. Ok, we have a TON of books for the kids and they love them all! 🙂

    1. Eric Carle is one of our favorite authors!

  7. I love a good book list. Reading to my babies was always so precious. They really listen and you can see their little minds working. One of my sons favorite is Goodnight Moon. He is 5 now and can recite it word for word

  8. Your list brought back sweet memories of books I read with my twins when they were little. As an educator and reading specialist, I’m always recommending books to families I work with. Yesterday, I promised a kindergartener that I would get him a copy of Goodnight Moon. It remains one of my favorites. He had never read it… <3

    1. When I was in a classroom, I was always surprised by how many children had never been read books that I would consider essentials. I was always happy to share new things with the little ones though!

  9. These are all super books! Our alltime favorite, though, was Llama Llama Red Pajama, which was our girls’ bedtime story *every night* for their first several years.

  10. I loved good night moon! I still have the book. I also had interaction books that my daughter could feel and crinkle. I think every mama should have good night mood though.

  11. Reading to babies is so important! My now 3-year-old loves Goodnight, Moon. It was one of hisbvery first books.

  12. An early love of words and books is so important. I really love that you have shared ones that are good for newborns!

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