Painted Snow Man Face

Today is it finally starting to look like winter in north east Ohio. We are not huge fans of going out in the cold, but it was the perfect day to break out some paint.


  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Paint (We used white, orange, and black)
  • Paint Brush

This art project has a bit of a sip and paint feel to it, but sometimes we like to take a break from learning based crafts and just have a bit of painting fun!

Start by putting some dots of white paint on the blue paper and let your little one spread it around. This will be your snowman face. It might be round, it might be square, or it might cover the whole paper. All these are perfect!

After this step, you may want to let your paper dry a little bit. This is optional, but if you have time, it will be much less messy this way! After that, use the orange paint to help your little one make a nose and the black paint for the mouth. We did have to guide our toddlers hand a bit with this, but older children should be able to do it on their own!

The finished project will be an adorable piece of winter art!

13 responses to “Painted Snow Man Face”

  1. That is so cute! I bet it was lots of fun to make, too!

  2. I should totally make this with my boys. It will be the only snow they see in Texas!

    1. This year, we thought our snowmen crafts might be the only snow we saw in Ohio! We have not had much at all.

  3. So cute! My son was just asking me tonight if he can do some painting soon. We don’t usually have time on school nights, but I told him we could this weekend. Both of my boys love snowmen, so they would enjoy the craft.

  4. Rhis should be fun doing painting. Cold is our best thing as long as we keep ourselves warm because that wouldnt be good haha.

    1. No one in my house enjoys being out in the cold. Mr. Not So Crafty works outside a lot, so he is done being cold by the time he gets home from work!

  5. That is so cute! I would totally have made these with my kids when they were little!

  6. What an adorable craft! And he did such a super job with it, too! 🙂

  7. Aw how lovely and cute is this crafting. Nice to get back to basics and do something fun and cost effective xx

    1. We love the basics here! In this high tech world, we feel like a lot of things that formed our childhoods get lost and we do not want that for our little one.

  8. This is a really cute and fun craft for the entire family.

  9. Those are cute and so simple to construct. I’m sure your kiddos had a blast making them. My daughter came home from school with something similar she made in her class.

  10. I love this, such a simple and fun idea. perfect for a nice activity indoors on a rainy day this winter.

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