Open Ended Melted Snowman

We recently took a little unplanned blogging break for the holidays, but today we are back with an adorable open ended melted snowman. We do not have a lot of snow this year, so it has been the only snowman made by our family so far!

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (We used blue, White, Black, Brown, Orange)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

We started by cutting out shapes for our melted snowman. We cut out white squares for the snowman, black circles of various sizes for the eyes and buttons, orange triangles for the nose and brown rectangles for the arms. We always cut more shapes than needed so our little one can make the project her own. You can add more shapes if you’d like, but we decided to keep it simple.

After we did all the prep work, we let the little one place everything where she wanted it. We try to offer as little guidance as possible when doing open ended activities.

The end result will be as unique as your child!

9 responses to “Open Ended Melted Snowman”

  1. What a fun preschool craft. I’m sure my little guy would love to make this for winter!

    1. It’s looking like snowman crafts are the only snowmen getting made here this year! We haven’t had much snow at all.

  2. Embracing abstract art! Yes! This looks so much fun and easy to try out with your child!

  3. This is adorable! I’ve seen lots of melted snowman crafts before, but never one along these lines – SO CUTE!

  4. I love open-ended craft ideas. It’s so great to see their creativity come to life!

    1. It is! Open ended crafts are a favorite here.

  5. What a fun craft for kids. Nice, easy and creative is always a great way forward.

  6. I love doing craft with my kids, it is so much fun. We usually do mosaics, can’t wait to do your idea, love it.

  7. Kids crafts are really the best! On another note, the lack of snow this year IS actually worrying. Climate change is real!

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