Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

We are totally not crafty people, but we are fairly proud of being thrifty people. Today, we thought we’d share a few ways you can save money every month!

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Use Coupons and Shop Sales

We spend about two hours each week getting ready for grocery shopping. We make our list according to what we can get on sale and try to combine sales with coupons. This saves us between $120 and $150 each month.

Get Rid of Cable or Satellite Services

We started by just downgrading our satellite services, but once our daughter was born, we needed the $80 a month we were still paying to put towards other things, so we cut it out all together. We have a Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime (it comes with lots of movies and TV shows), and a huge collection of DVDs. We really do not even miss having a large bill for our TV entertainment.

Limit Take out and Dining Out

We rarely eat out. Even if we are going away for the day, we will try to take a lunch with us or try to plan around meal times. Mr.Not So Crafty also packs a lunch each day at work, which saves at least $40 a week since he usually works 6 days.

Buy Second Hand Items

We buy so many things used. We get a lot of clothing second hand, as well as some household items. As a bonus, there are many thrift clothing stores that will offer to buy your gently used clothing or items and then you can get something else you need.

Do you have a favorite money saving tip? Please share it below!

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8 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

  1. We do a lot of these already and they help so much. The only reason we didn’t completely cancel cable is because it was cheaper to keep it bundled with the internet.

  2. This coming year I am determined to save more and your post will be saved. I need to use coupons which I always forget to do. It’s going to be hard to stop eating out, but I am working on it.

  3. I definitely need to downgrade our ridiculously expensive cable plan. Putting aside funds in different ways both traditional and nontraditional work too.

  4. Lol I want to be a crafty mom so bad! But truth is I get lazier and lazier year after year! More and more store bought lol… o well

  5. Needed to read this! Useful tips for me for sure, as I want to save more this coming year. I don’t even have Netflix right now because I don’t have the time to watch any series so why should I pay it?

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