Super Simple Paper Tree

Christmas is just over two weeks away, so it is a busy time in our household. We still have wrapping to do. On top of that, we are under 80 days away from our next trip to Walt Disney World (Check out our guide to visiting Disney on a budget here), so we are in trip planning mode as well. Today, we wanted to do something that would entertain our little one for a bit, but also wasn’t complicated. This is probably one of the most simple craft projects we have done so far!


Green Paint

Paint Brush

White Paper

Green Construction Paper

Brown Construction Paper



We started out by cutting out a triangle from both the green and white paper, and a rectangle from the brown paper. The green triangle should be slightly larger than the white one. We made just a small tree, but you can make a bigger one if you’d like. 

Next, we had our little one paint the white paper green.

After what she painted dried, we helped her glue it onto the green paper. If your child is preschool aged, they can likely do this all by themselves with a glue stick. 

After that, we flipped it over and helped her glue on the brown rectangle. 

This cute little tree did not take much time at all. The most time consuming part was letting it dry! 

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