Open Ended Shape Snowman

Open ended shape crafts are a favorite in our house! Crafts like this encourage creativity and help with both color and shape recognition! 

Materials Needed

  • Blue or Black Construction Paper
  • Construction Paper Cut into a Variety of Shapes 
  • Glue

The aim of his craft is to encourage creativity, so we offered as little guidance as possible. We put glue on the paper and let our toddler pick shapes one by one. When she picked one, we would say things like “that is a white circle”.  If your child is preschool or early grade school age, you can give them a glue stick and let them do the gluing themselves. Our toddler is too young for that, so we did put the glue where we wanted it on the paper. 

The end product will be as unique as your little one! One of our favorite things about these open ended projects is how much the end result reflects who our toddler as a little person currently!

12 responses to “Open Ended Shape Snowman”

  1. So cute and fun! My boys both love making snowmen, and I would love to see what they come up with! They are both big enough to use a glue stick so I would let them do that. I like making it a learning lesson with the colors and shapes!

  2. This looks like a super fun project for kids. Great for leaning shapes!

  3. This snowman looks like a really fun project to do with the kids! How crafty and creative!

  4. Ah these are so cute and fun to do! Cannot wait until my nephew is at the age to get all arts and crafty!

  5. That is too fun! (and too cute!) I used to love when my kids did things like this in preschool 🙂

  6. My nephew loves doing these so much. We have so many hanging all through out our house during Christmas.

  7. This looks easy but a really cute and fab festive crafting idea. Also nice to see the results pinned on the fridge xx

  8. Such a funny and interesting crafting. Maybe the younger children aren’t able to use the glue but with a little help the results are beautiful and creative.

  9. I love this idea! I like crafts which are open ended because you don’t “contaminate” children’s imagination with adult preconceptions!

    1. We really try to encourage our little ones creativity with every craft or activity we do.

  10. This looks like a fun craft to do with kiddos! I would add some fun accessory cutouts for the snow men, like scarf, hat, glasses, gloves….

    1. The possibility for extras is pretty much limitless! You could add like sequins or glitter as well! Our little artist just turned 2, so we wanted something super simple, but we love hearing how others modify things to make them their own.

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