Gift Ideas For Children Under One

Last year was our daughters first Christmas. She was just under a year old.  We had to really sit down and think of things for others to get her. We have compiled a list of ideas for gifts to give children one and under!

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Stacking Toys

Stacking cups are amazing for developing hand-eye coordination and for building problem solving skills. As a bonus, once the little one gets closer to two, they can double as cups for tea and such in pretend play. At least one of our dolls gets the privilege of “drinking” from one of these cups several times a week. 

Sensory Toys

Sensory type toys provide colors and unique shapes that will intrigue infants. They will explore them more and more as they grow. 

Soft Books

Soft books are gentle on little fingers and safe to chew on! 

Music Table

Most music tables are safe for children six months and up. They encourage motor skills and many of them encourage language development as well. 

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