Paper Owl

Night fall is coming early now, so yesterday, a little owl felt like the perfect late afternoon craft. It is easy, fairly mess free, and can be adapted for kids between the ages of one and five. 


Construction Paper (white, brown, and orange) 


A Pen or Marker 


Googly Eyes

Start with the super easy prep work. Cut out an owl body like shape from the white paper. Neither Mr. Not So Crafty or I can draw at all, so if we can manage to pull off an owl, so can you! From the orange paper, cut out a triangle for the beak and feet. Cut the brown paper in half and then cut the half into squares.  If your child or the children in your class (the simplicity of this one makes it perfect for classroom use) are four and above, try just drawing the feet and beak on the orange paper and let them do the cutting. If you want a slightly more rugged look for the owl, you can also let older preschool aged children tear up the brown paper instead of you cutting it. 

Next, help your little one glue the brown paper onto the white paper. After they are done, its time to add the feet, beak, and googly eyes. Try to offer as little guidance as possible. 

After this, your little owl will need to dry a few minutes. While it is drying, trace your child’s hands on the other half of the brown paper. For older preschoolers, you can try letting them trace their own hands. When I was working in an early childhood education setting, I was so surprised with the amount of children who had never traced their own hands at home!  

Next, flip the owl over and have your child glue on the hand prints. 

The finished project will be a cute little owl that you (or the parents in your classroom) can use to look back on how small your little ones hands were!

17 responses to “Paper Owl”

  1. This is such a great craft activity – the owl is so cute! I wish my daughter still liked doing things like this…

  2. Totally makng this with my little one. He is super into owls right now!

  3. OMG I love the little hands for wings! This looks like something I would have loved making as a kid . . . I was super into crafts back then but I am terrible at DIY now haha

    1. We are also terrible at DIY type things. Our creativity ends at childrens crafts and activities.

  4. Cute idea! I love how you use the hands to make the wings. It’s great to hold on to for one of their crafts and a memory of their hand size.

    1. I love adding things that will remind me of how tiny me little one was when I look back at them!

  5. This paper owl looks like a really fun project to make with the ids. Thank you for sharing the craft art project.

  6. What an awesome craft. I am going to have to remember it when I am with my nephews next!

  7. This is adorable! I love cute little crafts like these. I can’t wait to create this with my niece! -Tonya Morris

  8. That is just way too cute. Kids would love it and I want one. 🙂

  9. This is such an adorable idea! Your directions are very straightforward as well – well done! 🙂

    1. Thank you! We try to make things easy to follow along with!

  10. This craft came out so cute! My niece would definitely love this one 🙂

  11. My little ones love making projects like this. We will definitely need to make this one.

  12. Such a cute craft idea. I’m sure the littles really love doing this.

  13. What a creative way to use your hand designs. Love this idea for the boys.

  14. So cute! I love paper crafts like this owl! Such easy directions

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