Foam Leaf Turkey

Lets talk turkey again! We previously shared a mixed media photo turkey and today we are sharing a far less messy turkey craft. 

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Materials Needed

Start by cutting out your turkey body from the brown paper, feet and beak from the orange paper, and the waddle from the red paper. 

Next, let your little one glue on the leaves. I try to let my toddler glue with as little guidance as possible, but i do put the glue in the general area i’d like whatever she is gluing. If your child is preschool or early elementary school aged, let them control the glue bottle themselves! 

After the leaves are glued on, have your little one glue on the turkey body. We used construction paper to make the turkey body, but if you have brown foam, you could use that too! After your little one does that, they can glue down the eyes, beak, and waddle. 

Lastly, let your child add the feet. My toddler just loved making this turkey and it is even easy enough to do in a classroom setting! 


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