Mess Free Calico Corn Painting

Fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving will soon be here. This is always the time of the year we use calico corn to decorate with. Today, we let our little one join in on the fun by painting her very own!

Materials Needed

Orange Paint

Yellow Paint

Red Paint

Brown Paint

White Paper

Brown Construction Paper


Plastic Sandwich Bag



Start by putting small drops of paint all over the white paper. We used craft paper that we buy by the roll, but white construction paper would work as well.


Next slide paper in the plastic bag and let your little one squish down the paint. This is a great sensory activity for babies and toddlers. We have been painting this way since our little one could sit in the highchair.


After your little one is done squishing around the paint, take it out of the bag and let it dry. Ours took about four hours to dry. Once the paper is dry, cut out a corn shape or if you have room, you can cut out two!  We decided to cut out two corn shapes because we had the room.


Next, we cut out brown leaf shaped shapes. We had cut out four for each ear of corn, but we only needed three. If your child is a preschooler, you can try drawing the shapes and letting them do the cutting!


After the cutting was done, we helped our little one glue the brown paper on the back of each ear of corn.


The finished product is a perfect fall craft!



4 responses to “Mess Free Calico Corn Painting”

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  2. This looks like so much fun! And the end result looks great – I love it!

  3. This is such a cute craft for little ones! I’ll have to show this to my daughter so we can do this with her 2 yr old son without the usual mess.

  4. I love mess free projects! My oldest is working on a robot project for school and it’s getting messy!

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