Candy Corn Paper Art

Today, we continued making Halloween themed art by making using paper to make a candy corn picture! Mr. Not so Crafty is not a candy corn fan, but I am, and it makes for some cute art!

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Materials Needed

  • Orange, yellow, black, and white construction paper
  • Glue
  • A marker
  • Scissors

I started by cutting out squares from the orange, yellow, and white paper. I cut about half a sheet of paper worth for each color. Make the squares big enough that your little one can grasp them to glue them down. The younger the toddler, the bigger the squares will need to be.


Next, I drew a candy corn shape on the black paper.


Next, I put glue on one section at a time and let my toddler glue the paper on one piece at a time. This helps with fine motor skills. Before we started each section, I named the color. If you’re child already has a grip on their colors, ask them to tell you what color they are putting on!



The finished result is a cute candy corn. I know it is a little more adult directed than most of our normal activities, but it is great fine motor skill and language skill practice.


To continue on with the Halloween fun into bedtime, we read the book Halloween Night by Marjorie Dennis Murray . It is a great story, but the pictures may be a little scary for some children. For more Halloween art fun, try our Open Ended Shape Witch.


6 responses to “Candy Corn Paper Art”

  1. Cute! Halloween is fun when we approach it with creativity.

  2. What a cute and fun craft to make with kids! Love that you teach the colors at the same time and that it helps little ones develop their fine motor skills <3

  3. oh wow, that is so so cool! I can’t wait to make this with my daughter, she is gonna be super excited about it.

  4. I love easy but fun crafts! My boys would have fun with this one.

  5. This looks like a fun craft activity for kids! My daughter would have enjoyed doing this when she was younger…

  6. Oh this is so fun! Absolutely doing this with my 3 year old next month!

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