Book Review: Even Fairies Fart

Every two weeks, we head to the local library in search of wonderful new books to read. On our most recent trip, Even Fairies Fart by Jennifer Stinson caught my eye. We read it tonight and I wanted to share how wonderful of a book it is!

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Even Fairies Fart uses a wonderfully written rhyming story to tell young readers that no one, not even a fairy tale creature, is perfect. The story tells us that fairies fart, elves have accidents, giants forget their manners, and so much more! The message is that it is okay not to be perfect. This book is filled with adorable illustrations and young readers will love that it uses words like fart and burp. My toddler listened intently to each page. This book is sure to bring some giggles into your home every time it is read!

2 responses to “Book Review: Even Fairies Fart”

  1. well, you had me at farts and fairies. LOL, I have always had an incredibly childish sense of humor AND I’m in love with fairies so this totally is up my alley. Thanks so much for sharing and glad that your little one got a kick out of it, too. Love the message!

  2. This sounds so cute, what a fun way to teach kids that everyone makes mistakes!

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