Walt Disney World On A Budget

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We love Disney. Mr. Not So Crafty had never been there before we had a beautiful Disney wedding, but now he is just as addicted as I am. It is definitely the happiest place on earth for us. We feel like the cost is an excellent value for the level of entertainment provided, but saving money can help many families go more often! Here are three ways that you can save money!

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Use Amazon Prime Now to get basics delivered to your hotel

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Prime Now offers everything from fruit to adult beverages with free two hour delivery with prime membership. Trying new food is a highlight of each of our Disney trips, but eating breakfast in the hotel room and taking some snacks into the park can save tons of money! We will save about $100 on our 7 night trip this way. You can also order baby supplies like diapers and wipes so that you do not have to pack them!

Stay at a Value Resort

Our last trip, we decided to stay at Pop Century to save money. We were a little worried that we wouldn’t like it, but it was wonderful! The rooms were just refurbished so we are very excited for our upcoming stay! I have had family members and friends stay at all of the other value resorts and they have also given similar wonderful reviews. The value resorts just have food courts and no sit down resturants, but we did most of our dining in our room or in the park, so we didn’t mind.

Take Surprises for your little ones with you

Souvenirs can really add up! This is our first trip as a family of three, but this idea has been something that I have been excited to put into action. Secretly pack some Disney themed gifts that you buy before the trip and have your spouse or a family member distract the kids while you sneak up and set out a gift before they get back to the room. Small children will love thinking Mickey or Minnie left them a gift! We will also be buying things in the park, but this will help our budget stay on track.

We hope these tips help out on your next trip! We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite place to vacation and favorite way to save money while you are there?

15 responses to “Walt Disney World On A Budget”

  1. This is actually so helpful bc amusement parks, especially Disney, are so expensive now!!

  2. I didn’t even realize that you could do Disney on a budget!

  3. I have been to the disney in Florida and want to go to the one in CA, since I now live in Arizona. But I thought it would be too expensive. Thanks for the tips, I will put it on my bucket list.

  4. I have JUST started looking at tickets and hotels and all of that for next summer. We are planning to take my boys who will be 4 and 6 to Disney World in Orlando. We go to Florida every summer for a few weeks to visit family and want to take them for the first time. I’ve always lived in Florida when we went before, so never had to find a hotel with family in Orlando at that time. Good to know the value ones are still nice places to stay!

  5. I wonder if my husband and I will ever take our soon to be son to DisneyWorld. We are not amusement park type people so we shall see. That being said, we will most likely want to do it “on the cheap” as well, so I appreciate these tips!

  6. Disneyland is my dream place that i really visit someday. Great to know that you can budget your money to in disneyland 🙂 Nice one.

    1. We hope to visit Disneyland in a few years! The hotel situation there is a bit different than Disney World, but you could definitely still save money by ordering basics to the room and pre-ordering Disney themed gifts!

  7. I especially love the touch of sneaking up to the room to leave a gift from Mickey or Minnie. Very cute and thoughtful way to keep the budget in line.

  8. My husband and I are planning a trip to disneyworld come February. I am so excited. We don’t have kids but I think I’ll sneak in a surprise for him!

  9. These are great tips! I’ve heard of people who bring things like bottled water with them (or have them shipped to destination) so they aren’t always buying at the park. When we vacation, we try to save eating out for dinner (breakfast in room, picnic lunch) and we ALWAYS bring our own water bottles when we travel – refilling them as we go is so much friendlier to both the environment and our wallets!

  10. Fatima D Torres Avatar
    Fatima D Torres

    I would love to visit Disney World with the kids. They’re always asking to see Mickey and the gang.

  11. I remember visiting Disney many years ago and how expensive was everything. Now there so many ways to save money and have fun. Useful tips and helpful!

  12. We dream about going to Disney World one day, so these tips are really useful! thank you!

  13. I have never been to Walt Disney. I always wanted to go as a kid, and my dream is still on 🙂 I really hope I will get there one day, and I will surely remember your great tips!

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