Open Ended Shape Witch

We love Halloween. Christmas is probably the favorite holiday in our house, but Halloween is such a close second. Since it is officially October now, we did our first Halloween themed activity of the year.

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

This activity is quick, simple, and can be done with very few materials, so it is perfect for days where you want to do something with your little ones, but do not have tons of time to prepare. Start by cutting out shapes. The colors you use are up to you. We used a brown for the hair and blue for the eyes so that our little one could see a bit of herself in the witch. We used a green face, but you can use any color face you’d like!


After you cut out the shapes, let your little one assemble the witch! Try to give them as little guidance as possible. For these shape activities, we usually just hand our toddler the shapes one by one and let her glue them on. The end result might hang off the paper or be a bit malformed, but it will be a perfect representation of who your child is at this stage in their life.




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