Five Food Allergy Tips

Living with food allergies can be overwhelming and sometimes frightening. The effects of a reaction can range from mildly annoying to deadly. If you or your children have food allergies, then you know that it can be a full time job to keep safe. I have found the following five things really help when navigating food allergies.
**Nothing in the following post should be taken as medical advice. Please always consult a doctor if you have questions about managing food allergies**

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  1.  Always read labels carefully. Food labels include important allergy information, but it is not always have to find. Sometimes the information about allergens processed in the same facility as the product are listed in much smaller print than the ingredients. Make it a practice to read every label every time you purchase a product. Manufacturers regularly change ingredients and an allergen may be added at any time!
  2. Separate safe and unsafe foods. This one is super important if it is your child who has the food allergy and they are old enough to grab their own snacks or meals. Assign areas of your cabinets and fridge for allergy friendly foods and for the unsafe foods so that no one accidently grabs an unsafe food when they are in a hurry.
  3. Prepare an emergency plan. If you or your child have a life-threatening food allergy, people who regularly interact with you or your child (including teachers and school staff) should have a basic understanding of what to do in case of a severe allergic reaction. Because people can panic in an emergency, it is best to have allergies, medications, emergency contacts, and any other important information in writing. Your doctor may write you one, but if not, you can do it yourself!
  4. Keep your guard up while dining out. Dining out with allergies can be tricky, because unlike at home, things are out of your control. Always let your server know about your allergy! You may also want to talk to a manager or someone from the kitchen. Specifically ask that your food be prepared away from your allergen. Most places will let you know if they can not do this. Some resturants will have a detailed notebook in the back that lists ingredients and nutritional information, but if the resturant you are eating at does not, do not be afraid to ask detailed questions!
  5. Always carry your medication. This one sounds easier than it actually is. Do not forget to have your EpiPen and Benidryl in something that you carry everywhere! If you can, carry two doses just in case!


We would love to hear from you? Do you have any tips for living with food allergies? Do you have a favorite resturant to eat at that goes above and beyond?

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  1. These are some great tips. I haven’t had to experience any food allergies with my kiddos yet, but its always good to be prepared!

  2. Neither I or my kids ever had food allergies, thank goodness. But I never realized how difficult it might be if we did. You share some great tips here, thank you.

  3. I am fortunate that neither myself or my children have food allergies. But this is really good information for those that do. I never realized how many things you have to think about when you have a food allergy.

  4. No food allergies here but as vegans we’re used to following some of the same tips. Always check and recheck labels. Even foods that seem “clean” can contain the weirdest ingredients. We found honey on tortilla chips this week???

  5. We don’t have any known allergies in my home, but my sister just found out that my nephew has mild allergies. She’s been trying to figure out good routines for their family and these are all great things to keep in mind while we are learning.

  6. I’m luckily allergy-free, but I have family members with extreme food allergies. This post is very helpful. It can literally save a life!

  7. Food allergy can be fatal. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I am always urging parents to let people know their kids’ allergies wherever they go.

  8. This is great tips on how to prevent Food allergies! I’ am allergy free thank God! HAHAHA i LOVE Food.

  9. These are great basic tips that we have to live by every day. It is overwhelming at first but then just becomes part of life. We make it easy at home and don’t bring anything in that isn’t ‘safe,’ that way we don’t have to worry about separating them. 😉

    1. It definitely becomes part of life. I have several food allergies, so there are some that do not come into our home at all, but others that the rest of my family enjoys so we buy those things. It is much easier when the person with the food allergies is an adult who can read labels.

  10. We do not have any food allergies in our household. It is always good to know the precautions because we do host a lot.

  11. I’m allergic to pumpkin, which sucks during the fall but it’s one of the few things I have never ingested so I don’t know what kind of reaction I would get if I accidentally did. I only know how my skin, eyes, and airways react. But I am always terrified of going to a new place and having the host forget about pumpkin being in something! Having a plan is super important!

  12. Avatar

    These are all great tips! I am so lucky that I do not have any food allergies, but I know several people that do, so I can pass along this info.

  13. These are great tips. Dealing with a food allergy is definitely no fun at all!

  14. Thanks for the tips I have shell fish allergy and its no joke.

  15. good tips

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