Paper Apple

In our last post, we shared Ten Great Apple Books to read with your little ones. Yesterday, we did this simple paper apple that will go great with any of the books we shared!

Materials Needed

Paper Plate

Green Construction Paper

Red Construction Paper

Brown Construction Paper





I started by cutting the red paper into squares. If your little one is over four, try letting them cut or tear up the paper. This activity is super simple, so it might not hold the attention of little ones over 6.


I let my toddler glue the squares onto the paper plate. We used liquid glue, but you can also use glue sticks and have your little one put on the squares one at a time. My toddler just does not have the patience for that currently!



After that, we put on the stem and leaf. This took about 20 minutes in total. It was an easy, but fun, little project.





If you want more apple fun, dont forget to check out the Paper Plate Apple craft!

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