Paper Plate Apple

September is in full swing, which means it is time for the apple activities! Apple based activities have a special place in my heart because when I was student teaching, the very first evaluated activity I did was a name activity with a paper apple tree. Last year, we put an apple tree up in our playroom and filled it with apple crafts, but we are skipping that this year because our toddler is in the stage where if we put anything up all the wall, she just tears it right down!

Materials Needed

Paper Plate

Red Paint

Paint Brush (Optional. You can use any painting tool or hands)

Green Construction Paper

Brown Construction Paper




This is a super easy activity that you can do with even younger children. I started by letting my toddler paint the paper plate.



As the paper plate was drying, I traced her hand on the green paper then cut it out. If your little one is preschool age, try letting them cut it out themselves! I cut a small rectangle out of the brown paper for the stem. Once the plate was fully dry, I just glued on the handprint “leaf” and the stem.



3 responses to “Paper Plate Apple”

  1. I’m sure my nephew will love this activity! He’s so into painting. Especially painting his hands and other parts of his body. 🤣 He actually gets more paint on him than on paper. 😛 Thanks for sharing this super easy and fun art and craft!

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