Our Fall Must Do List

Fall is the favorite season in our house. Once the beginning of September hits, we enter fall mode quickly. Mr. Not So Crafty will be breaking out the fall and Halloween decorations any day now and we already have several fun fall family activities planned. There are a few things we must during this time of the year that we’d like to share with you all!


holiday dark decoration halloween
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

We love to decorate for different seasons and holidays, but fall and Halloween decorations hold a special place in our hearts and in our storage room! We love to use pumpkins because they can stay up until November, but we have a lot of Halloween specific decorations too. Each year on November first, we go shopping for things on clearance! If you want to make some of your own decorations, this list is a great place to start!


Pick Out Costumes 

yellow pikachu plushmascot
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

We love Halloween costumes! There is just something fun about getting to play dress up and as you get older, the opportunities to do that become pretty rare. This will be our toddlers second Halloween. Her first Halloween was a little too cold to do much adventuring, but we do hope to at least stop in at a few family members houses this year! We may find inspiration from these adorable mother and daughter costume ideas or from this list of the best costumes for little girls.


Enjoy Seasonal Attractions

orange pumpkin on brown hay near gray carriage
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We have so many fun places we love to visit in the fall. A pumpkin patch is a must. We live in North East Ohio and our absolute favorite fall fun spot is White House Fruit Farm. We get our pumpkin tere each year and there is just so much family fun to be had. Corn maze’s are another must do each fall. Locally, we have Maze Craze. Our last must do activity is one for just the adults. We love haunted houses! There was a time where we tried to visit four or five a year, but currently we only get to set aside a night to do one each year.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our fall must-do’s and would love to hear what is on your families to do list this fall!


16 thoughts on “Our Fall Must Do List”

  1. I love fall, it’s my favorite season because it’s so beautiful. I’m completed unprepared for it this year though. my sons first birthday is in October and I’ve been thinking about that instead of Halloween lol whoops


  2. I used to love visiting corn mazes – don’t have any near us now :(. We will be picking apples at our local orchard soon, though – the girls and I are SO looking forward to it!!!


  3. I am so glad we are not the only one’s who do not decorate for EVERY Holiday. We love Fall and Halloween so we will throw some Mums out and pumpkins.


  4. In the Fall we love going to the pumpkin patch, festivals and of course trick or treating! We are more than ready for October to be here.


  5. I love summertime but I honestly do enjoy doing more with my children during the fall season when the weather is much more conducive to being outside to enjoy seasonal attractions. It’s our first year down south too so I’m definitely excited about doing it this year.


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