Shape School Bus

School has officially started everywhere in our area. Our toddler is too young for school, but she loves watching the school bus drive past our house. She loves pretty much anything that moves. We felt like this was the perfect time for this cute little shape school bus!

Materials Needed

  • White computer paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Back construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors



As with most crafts, its easiest to start with the prep work ahead of time! For little ones under three, you’ll probably want to do the cutting. You will need one long yellow rectangle, one smaller yellow rectangle, three to six black squares (we cut out four but only used three), one long skinny black rectangle, and two black circles. If your little one is over three, just draw the shapes and let them do the cutting. Cutting is great fine motor skill practice!


Next, just let your little one assemble the bus. We always try to offer as much freedom as possible when putting together shape based crafts and activities. The end product may or may not look as intended, but your little one will get the chance to learn and explore while creating something they will be very proud of. Our child is only 20 months, so we do offer a bit of guidance, but mostly just to make sure no parts of the project get eaten!





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  1. How cute! My wife’s hobby is scrap-booking and as a favor to friends who own a stationery store, she made a huge school bus that looks similar to yours. They put it in the window during back-to-school season.

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