Great Things to Buy This Fall

Fall is coming soon and it is our family is so excited. If feels funny writing this as we sit in the AC hiding from the hot, humid weather outside, but September 22nd will be here before we know it. We have a few things that we think makes the transition from summer to fall more comfortable and fun!

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Fall Clothing

There is something therapeutic about putting away the summer clothing and breaking out the cooler weather clothes. In Ohio, we can go through all four seasons in a single week this time of the year, so we cant put all of our summer clothes away just yet, but we definitely enjoy doing some shopping for the upcoming season change!

Fall Décor

We love decorating for holidays and seasons. Fall is such a fun time to buy new seasonal decorations.

Fall Themed Children’s Books

We do a lot of reading in our house. We try to match a book with the activities we do, so soon, we will be breaking out the fall books! We try to keep our books organized by type so they are easy to find.

We hope these shopping suggestions help get you in the fall mood. If you are looking for suggestions for activities to do with your family, check out this great list from Everywhere With Ella.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite part of fall? Do you have a thing you must purchase each year?

15 responses to “Great Things to Buy This Fall”

  1. I join you in welcoming Fall. After the heat of Summer, it’s nice to cool down.

  2. We need to go get new fall clothes. Mostly because my oldest has outgrown his cooler weather clothing and doesn’t have anything to grow into! These are some cute options!!

    1. I absolutely love shopping for seasonal and holiday clothing. In an unexpected turn of events, my little one still fits some of last years cool weather clothing, but I gave a good chunk of them away before I realized she was growing slow so now we have to shop anyway!

  3. We are just on the flip side of your coin, we cannot wait to go out and enjoy a few spring days. Summer is approaching and we are shopping for summer, we join you in shopping though.:)

  4. I absolutely love shopping for the new seasons and fall is my most favorite out them all. I can’t wait to get new boots and layering jackets!

  5. We don’t have fall season in my country but this Fall Décor looks interesting 🙂

  6. I am so ready for Fall! It is the best time of year. I was so excited when the Fall decor came out.

    1. We visited our first pop up Halloween store last week and it was super exciting!

  7. I was planning a shopping tomorrow. Many thanks for sharing this. Very useful.

  8. That dress is so lovely! I love shopping for fall stuff – it’s such a lovely season!

  9. I am so excited for fall, can’t wait to come. I am re-decorating my room this fall so home decor related things will be first on my list this year.

  10. I am so ready for fall. I love everything about it! I also love shopping for season items, so this list is great!

  11. We just got a couch that would look great with some fall throw pillows. I also love the cranberry dress!

  12. I’m really looking to getting a new fall wardrobe. The summers are SO hot and humid, you can’t wear anything. Can’t wait for cooler weather and cool clothes!

  13. I love all the fall decor. It’s so much fun to decorate for fall!!

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