Paper Plate Duck

We really dove into our love for animals this past week. We visited the zoo and a farm owned by the local park system. This paper plate duck is a fun activity to do after a trip to see animals or just anytime you are looking for something cute and simple to keep your child busy for a little bit!

Materials Needed

Paper Plate

Yellow Paint

Yellow Construction paper

Orange Construction Paper



Googly Eye

Large Plastic Sandwich Bag (This is optional, you can paint with a paintbrush, hands, sponge, ect.)


I started by cutting a paper plate in half and putting it and some yellow paint in the large sandwich bag. This is how we paint on days when I do not feel like cleaning up a big mess. If Mr. Not So Crafty is home, we usually embrace the messy art, but when he’s not, sometimes we will use this easy to clean up method!


After the paper plate is painted, we left it to dry while we played for awhile. After it dried, I cut out a head, two feet, and a beak for the duck. If your child is over four, try drawing the shapes and let them do the cutting! Cutting is great fine motor skill practice.


I flipped the paper plate over and let my little one glue on the duck parts where she wanted them.


After the glue dried a bit, I flipped it back over and helped my daughter add the eye. If your little ones like this, also check out our Paper Plate Flamingo and our Paper Plate Pig.



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