Toy Sorting Activity

We have been working on color recognition with our toddler recently. Earlier this week, I did a Color Sorting Activity with magazine clippings and the activity we did today also requires very few materials. All you need for this one is construction paper and toys!


After picking three colors of construction paper, we gathered toys of those colors. I took an extra step and laminated the construction paper, but that is completely optional. Mr. Not so Crafty and I went over each color with our daughter again and encouraged her to match the toys with the same color construction paper.



Toddlers learn through play, so quick activities like this might not look overly educational to adults, but they are very helpful when teaching early skills.


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  1. I love the simplicity of this! And how you can easily expand this as they get older- incorporate similar shapes or categories so they can continue to grow & learn. This is a great idea!

  2. I love the simplicity of this! You can easily grow this as they get older to incorporate matching shapes or sorting into categories! There’s so many great possibilities!

  3. What a fun activity for a toddler to encourage them to learn about colours… and so easy to do too!

  4. We did something like this when my boys were younger. We had colored bins and that’s how they cleaned up their toys at the end of the day. The toys went in the bin by color which helped them learn to clean and sort colors.

    1. That is a great idea! Our little one is still struggling to figure out the concept of cleaning up.

  5. This is perfect in its simplicity. Kids get bored of expensive toys so quickly so this would work so well.

  6. what an interesting idea. I like that it’s so simple and I could easily do this as an aunt instead of having expensive toys in my house that wouldn’t get used often.

  7. Fabulous simple idea. Sometimes the simplest things are truly the best. Thanks for sharing this great DIY activity/tip!

  8. April Marquardt Avatar
    April Marquardt

    This looks like such a simple but great activity! And good for fine motor skills too!

  9. Great tip! I love how simple yet very educational it is. With this, there’s no need for sorting toys found in stores.

  10. Really nice, I play the colors game with my nephew using markers and crayons! he loves it 🙂

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