Book Review: Feminist Baby

During a target run, one of our toddler’s grandmas saw Feminist Baby by Loryn Brantz and we had to check it out. Once we saw it perfectly described our daughter, it had to come home with us. Her grandparents were nice enough to purchase the book for us and it will be a new favorite in our home.

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This is a well illustrated and really funny board book. Feminist Baby has an incredibly positive message for little girls (and boys too). The book takes on issues like gender stereotyping in silly way that children will enjoy.

The concept of introducing serious concepts to little ones in books like Loryn Brantz’s Feminist Baby is wonderful and offers little ones an introduction to vocabulary and concepts that they can build on as they grow.


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  1. Sounds interesting. Humour is the best way to teach kids values, isnt it?

  2. I’ve seen this one around but never read it. I’m glad it’s a new favorite – it seems like a fun, but important, read for little ones!


  3. I’ll have to check this book out. I have two young boys, but we want to try to raise them to respect girls/women and know that they can do everything, too.

  4. I’ve seen this around! I would definitely give this to one of my friends for their kids, I have a few feminist friends who would love it!

  5. Dennis K. Littley Avatar
    Dennis K. Littley

    Thanks for the review of this book. Haven’t read this one but it sounds like one worth checking out!

  6. I need to get this for my daughter! She is really caught up in things that she thinks are for boys only and girls only.

  7. Sounds like an interesting book and great for introducing the theme to young children…

  8. This book looks like it would be so great. I love that it teaches lessons and has some humor too.

  9. OMG this book has been on my wishlist for forever! I so want it and copies to send to my friends!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. When I have a little one of my own will definitely set her up with this book. I feel it’s a great introduction into raising them into respectful adults with values.

  11. I’m always looking for new books for my toddler. This one looks great!

  12. Sounds Interesting to read! I will find that book thanks for sharing!

  13. Sounds interesting! I am not very fond of reading but this is amazing book.

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