Open Ended Truck Craft

My preschooler enjoys all things girly and glittery, but she also loves things that “go, go, go”. This shape truck is not only cute, but it’s also a great way to work on shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. Never underestimate the educational value of art time!

Materials Needed

  • White Paper
  • Construction Paper of various colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors


I started by drawing several shapes on different colors of construction paper. If your child is small, you can just cut out a few shapes for them to pick from. If you want to extend the activity and you have an older preschooler or kindergartener, you can ask them to draw the shapes and then have them cut the shapes out. 



Next, talked about each shape and color. For toddlers, you can just say  things like “This is a black circle.” or “Would you like the pink square or the brown square?”.  For older children, have them pick the shapes then describe each one. After we talked about the shapes, my daughter cut out the shapes that she picked and glued them onto the paper.



When doing projects like this with my daughter, I always try to offer as little guidance as possible. I just let her creativity shine through.

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10 responses to “Open Ended Truck Craft”

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  2. Thanks, I will put my kids to get busy with this activity.

  3. This is a really good ideia, my son loves a good craft session, painting and cutting and creating things!

  4. Looks like your daughter enjoyed making the shape truck craft! This would be good for boys or girls!

  5. missed doing simple art projects like this! Congrats baby girl! Great job following instructions

    1. There aren’t many instructions when it comes to open ended art, but she always enjoys the process!

  6. What a fun crafting activity! My son loves to craft. He enjoys the drawing and cutting process. I must agree, it is therapeutic.

    Maureen |

  7. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You Avatar
    Natasha Mairs – Serenity You

    I loved doing simple shape crafts like this when my kids where younger. Its a great fun way to help them learn

  8. She’s so cute and adorable. Love this great idea. Will definitely do this with the girls.

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