Paper Plate Flamingo

This flamingo craft is a vibrant, fun art project for little animal lovers. Our toddler has really enjoyed going back to look at it hanging on the fridge. It is super easy to make and doesn’t require too many materials! It does make a bit of a mess, so if you are looking for a less messy alternative, try our Paper Flamingo.

Materials Needed

  • Paper Plate
  • Pink Paint
  • Paint Brush (Optional. Let your little ones use whatever is comfortable for them
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes


We started by helping our little one paint the paper plate pink. We are working on getting her to hold a paint brush as fine motor skill practice, but at 19 months, she still prefers using her hands.



Next, we let the plate dry. We started right after breakfast and picked it up after dinner. We cut the plate in the middle and then followed the ridge of the plate to make a flamingo like neck. After that, we cut just a little off of the neck portion. In our house, this was an adult step, but if your child is elementary school age, you could draw lines for the to follow and cut.



After that, we had the little one “fold” two strips of orange paper for the legs. If you’ve ever done paper folding with a toddler, then you know that she just crumbled them into a ball and attempted to eat them. That is perfectly okay. It just gives it so much more character.



Once the orange paper was “folded”, we helped our little one assemble the flamingo. We put on the legs and cut out the black paper into the shape of a beak. We finished it with some googly eyes.


18 responses to “Paper Plate Flamingo”

  1. hahahahh.. There is definitely no “folding” for a toddler. More like “crumple”. We can totally relate. I don’t usually see flamingo art and craft because it’s not exactly a popular animal (at least in our house) so I’m thinking maybe it’s time we introduce this cute pink animal to my nephew. 😁 Thanks for sharing!

    1. The flamingo is a big hit in our house. We are zoo members and our toddler just loves looking at the bright pink birds. She also is obsessed with anything pink, so I’m sure thats why!

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  3. So creative! Way more creativity than I have, that’s for sure! haha!

  4. That is so cute – and so easy for children to make. I loved little craft projects like this when my daughter was small…

  5. This is fun, creative, and so cute. I will try this with my daughter.

  6. What a fun and cute project, my boys would have so much fun with this!

  7. This is too cute! I can’t wait to try it with my toddler – he loves flamingos!

  8. This activity looks fun and also a great creativity this is really fun for kids!

  9. What a cost effective and fun activity for kids to do during the summer holidays. You could create a family of flamingos lol x

  10. I am not really that crafty either so this is my level of skill required. I am going to have to make this with my daughter.

  11. Oh! so cute. I’m always looking for ways to entertain my toddler with crafty, hands-on projects. I love this low-cost and fun idea.

  12. What an adorable craft! And so easy!!! Yeah, mine prefer finger painting, and they are many moons past the 19-month mark lol!…

  13. What a cute little craft project. My little one loves painting with her hands, she is going to go crazy when we do this flamingo.

  14. So adorable! Oh how I miss doing fun stuff like this with my kids. It is such a great bonding experience.

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