Great Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play is currently everything in our house. Our daughter will stand at her little kitchen and cook up a meal, or sometimes the occasional pony or dinosaur, then giggle as we sit down and pretend to eat it together. She has also recently discovered the joys of tea parties. I have some suggestions of great toys that will bring joy to your little one and let their imagination run wild.

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Farmers Market Color Sorting Toy $19.98

This 132 piece set is recommended for ages three and up and would be a great addition to any home or preschool setting. Children can practice a variety of skills or just take a fun pretend trip to the market.

Pretend and Play Bakery Set $21.49

This 31 piece set is recommended for ages three and up and will bring baking fun right into your playroom. Besides being fun, this set can also help with fine motor skills and with developing language skills.

Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set $189.99


This beautiful play kitchen is perfect from kids between three and eight years. This realistic kitchen even has a washing machine!

Farmers Market Pretend Play Cutting Board Playset $11.95

This 32 piece set allows your little ones to practice cutting on their veggies. It is recommended for little ones ages three and up. Not only will they enjoy “preparing” the food to cook, but this set will also encourage fine motor skills.

Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set $21.45

This fun 24 piece set from Melissa & Doug will capture your little animal lovers imagination. This one would also make an affordable addition to an early childhood classroom’s dramatic play area. It is recommended for little ones three and up.



We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite ways to encourage little one’s imagination. What are some toys the little ones in your home or classroom love?

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  1. My nephew loves miniature animals. I think he has a complete set of the farm and zoo animals. And lately, he’s into dinosaurs, so he has a growing collection of that, too! Pretend play is children’s way of making sense of the big world that is why we have a dedicated centre for that in school. 😊

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