Open Ended Shape Fish

Since our toddler loves fish, we decided this open ended shape fish would be the perfect mix of fun and learning. A few days ago, we did this Simple Painted Fish and today, we decided to try out a less messy fish activity.

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes (Optional, but totally fun)


We started by cutting out a variety of shapes. If your child is preschool or elementary age, try letting them cut out the shapes.


After the shapes were cut, we let our little one get to work on building her fish. As she picked out a shape to glue on, we would say “You have an orange circle”, or “You have a pink triangle”.  If your child is preschool age, you can ask them what color and shape they have instead. For elementary age children, try asking them to describe their fish after it is built.



Once our toddler had added all the shapes she wanted to her fish, we finished it up with a googly eye. This last step is completely optional, but we always keep a big bag of googly eyes around the house because they just make every project a bit more fun!







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